July 18th, 2011

blinking bale

copa america was very interesting last weekend, to say the least

Argentina and Brazil lead the fall of the Copa América giants

The giants woke up, but only to be felled. When Argentina and Brazil scored seven goals between them in their third group games at the Copa América, it seemed they were slowly rousing themselves for the march to a meeting in the final that the organisers had done everything in their power to make inevitable. In their quarter-finals, though, the problems of the opening games returned. Both struggled to make domination of possession count, both lost on penalties, and both will look on a barely credible semi-final line-up and wonder why on earth they are not there.

Peru had begun a weekend of shocks with their extra-time victory over Colombia, Uruguay and Paraguay continued it with their shoot-out victories over the continent's giants and, as a full moon loomed over San Juan, Venezuela completed a full set of four quarter-final shocks, which seemed almost expected. Restaurateurs and hoteliers in Mendoza will be disappointed to have missed out on another Chilean invasion, while the rest of Argentina wallows in the gloom of another disappointment.

All the Copa adverts on television, featuring a smiling Lionel Messi and a goalscoring Carlos Tevez, feel oddly poignant now.

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thoughts? who were you cheering for/expecting to win? argentina-uruguay was an a m a y s i n g game for a neutral. the colombia-peru game went down poorly in my house though -_- since brazil-paraguay was on as the same time as the WWC final, i could only catch the penalties...