July 8th, 2011

amy owl

i hope someone makes a match post for uruguay v chile/peru v mexico hint hint

I know some of you have been watching Copa America so let's discuss it a bit.

Sorry to my Argentina friends but a lot of the stuff in English is about how they are, ahem, underwhelming so far. If one can be considered a stan for football writers, I'd say I'm one for Jonathan Wilson, so here's his article on the matter.

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The current group standings

sassy sauce

Anyway, what are your thoughts on the matches so far? I've seen a few, and speaking as someone who wants Colombia to win, I was very pleased by this match, not just because it was a draw with Argentina in Argentina, but because it was an improvement over how they played vs Costa Rica; they looked like they had more ideas and like Wilson said, it could've been a win if they didn't miss their chances so badly (I also had a massive WTF moment when Gago came on, negl). Brazil v Venezuela was also fairly nerve-wracking to watch, and I'm impressed Venezuela managed to hold out that well.

ps- I am going to be on a road trip from tomorrow until the middle of next week so direct your complaints/nudes/candy to the other mods.
amy owl

one last post before i go...

Friendlies in the US with European teams

Maybe you can say which ones you're going to in the comments?

July 12: San Jose Earthquakes v West Brom
July 13: New England Revolution v Manchester United
July 14: Tampa Bay Rowdies v Bolton Wanderers
July 16: Manchester City v Club America in San Francisco
July 16: LA Galaxy v Real Madrid
July 17: Orlando City v Bolton Wanderers
July 18: Vancouver Whitecaps v Manchester City
July 20: Real Madrid v Chivas Guadalajara in San Diego
July 20: Portland Timbers v West Brom
July 20: Houston Dynamo v Bolton Wanderers
July 20: Philadelphia Union v Everton
July 20: Seattle Sounders v Man United
July 20: Sporting Kansas City v Newcastle United
July 23: D.C. United v Everton
July 23: Chicago Fire v Manchester United
July 23: Juventus v Sporting Lisbon in Toronto
July 23: Philadelphia Union v Real Madrid
July 23: Orlando City v Newcastle United
July 24: LA Galaxy v Manchester City
July 26: Columbus Crew v Newcastle United
July 26: Juventus v Club America at Citi Field NY
July 27: MLS All-Stars v Manchester United at Red Bull Arena NJ
July 27: Charleston Battery v Portsmouth
July 30: Barcelona v Manchester United in Washington D.C.
August 3: Barcelona v Chivas Guadalajara in Miami, FL
August 6: Barcelona v Club America in Dallas TX

Medical Tests: our faves up close and personal (Update #1: Aitor Ocio)

Since we're now in transfer season, players are coming and going and usually the medical tests are a great opportunity to see them in all their "glory" or to discover hotties who are quite shy in the field.

I'm gonna show you the medicals in Athletic, can you show me yours? :p

Raul Fernández, our second GK

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