June 25th, 2011

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This is not just any birthday. This is Jamie Redknapp's 38th birthday ;)

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lol the majorit of this post was prepared in mhy spare tim,e so the spelling passes the bar :) the other bits, ehh, just ignorei t, yeh? :)

Errrybody, you know him; prodigal son of Harry, doting husband of Louise, loyal cousin of Frank, not to mention uber-photogenic M&S model, BFF of Steven, John and Scott, fanboy of Gareth, both supporter and critic of Fernando, banter target of james, scolder of Peter, tight-trouser lover, vocabularily challenged and frequent source of eye candy (and lulz) for female viewers of Sky Sports ;)

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Playing golf.
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The Gold Cup Final: USA VS MEXICO aka the real clasico

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ontd_fb, it's time to get pumped about...

The Women's World Cup!!!


(Play this as you read the rest of the post for maximum pumping-up effect.)

When is the Women's World Cup?

It starts bright and early TOMORROW, June 26th, at 9AM EST with France v. Nigeria, followed by Germany v. Canada at 12!

There's a schedule of all the group stage matches here, which you can adjust for your time zone!

How can I watch the Women's World Cup?

WWC '11 is getting an unprecedented amount of broadcast coverage! Here's as much info as I could find:

USA:  All matches on either ESPN or ESPN2 as well as ESPN3.com, ESPN Mobile TV, and Univision

CBC and Rogers Sportsnet will be broadcasting most matches, with Telelatino also broadcasting

GERMANY: ARD and ZDF will broadcast all matches.

ENGLAND: England's group matches and any subsequent England matches will be live on BBC Red Button and the BBC Sport website. The final will be broadcast live on BBC3.

AUSTRALIA: SBS and theworldgame.sbs.com.au.

EUROPE: Eurosport and the European Broadcast Union have the rights to the WWC.

THE MIDDLE EAST/NORTH AFRICA: Al-Jazeera has broadcast rights.

Unfortunately I can't find any more information than that. If you can find info for Asia/South America or more specific details for different countries in Europe/Middle East/North Africa please comment!

Where can I find info on the teams in the Women's World Cup?
Lots of places! A good place to start is Our Game Magazine's nation-by-nation overview.

For more details, check out All White Kit, where all of the pre-tournament coverage has been rounded up over the past few days.

If you really want to be a know-it-all, get yourself a copy of All White Kit and the Equalizer's Complete Guide to the 2011 WWC.

I hope you're all as excited as I am right now because it's gonna be AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

To thank you for your time, here's a bit of vintage WWC advertising:


Now I turn the questions over to you, _fb:
Who are you rooting for? Who do you think will win? Which matches are going to be the most exciting? Did you have a Women's World Cup Barbie and if so why weren't we childhood friends??
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Football corruption - a different approach

 Israel is currently buzzing with what seems to be one of the biggest scandals of football corruption in the short history of the major league in our country. I am not really following all the details, and in all honesty there isn't anything too out of the ordinary about it, it the same usual game buying and crime families trying to take over clubs. However, there was one thing that has caught my attention, a well known Israeli politician had a unique point of view to share. 

Yossi Sarid is a well respected former Minister and member of the Knesset (Israeli house of representatives), even those who do not agree with his left-winged demo-social opitions have to admit he is an honest man who always stand firmly for what he believes. He is one of a very few selected group of politicians whom you can believe to mean what says and says what he means without any hiding agenda or lobbyists putting words in his mount.  In other words, he is a true ideologist, which is why I was taken a back when he was invited to London et Kirschenbaum, an daily tv panel show, to talk about this football corruption issue.
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