June 23rd, 2011


a sad day for argie football

River Plate faces the worst crisis in the club's 110 years of history. After losing 2-0 against Belgrano de Córdoba, the team is on the edge of being relegated to second division. They must win by at least 2-0 at home on Sunday to be saved.

Tension showed last night when a bunch of fans broke into the field in the middle of the game to threaten some of the players, mainly Arano and Roman - the latter being risponsible for the penalty which gave Belgrano the lead. Almeyda, probably the only man in the team respected and supported by fans, approached to back up his teammates and received encouraging words by the "fans". The veteran player, who came back from his retirement because he missed his club, was later seen on the verge of tears, same as coach JJ López.

River has only obtained 12 out of the 30 points played at the Monumental during this tournament, and hasn't won any of the last 8 games.

A meeting will be held today to see if the next game at River's stadium will be played without fans. River tickets had sold out 2 hours after the sale started.
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Six inch heels, how you like me now.

Two interesting articles in tonight's Evening Standard, one featuring an interview with one of the call girls who serviced Wayne Rooney, and another about what we can expect from the dishy Mr Andre Villas-Boas, who's gonna have an amaze time at Chelsea, so y'all best start getting used to it. :) :)  

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in the interest of ~neatness

ok here's the deal with matchposts:

-anyone can make them. if there isn't one already but there's a game/some games coming up then go ahead and do it, even if it'll just be you and a few people.

-if there's already one for x, y, and z games, don't make another. i'm not trying to hold you back from ~greatness, but a redundant post for the same thing would be pointless and imo deleting them is like deleting an already posted story.

-usually i'm pretty good about deleting extra ones but please don't take it personally if i do or don't. the other mods and i aren't on LJ 100% of the time so we can't catch some things until later.

-can you please not have drama over it? please? it's a matchpost. having drama in it because of players, what comms said, fine whatever. but wank over the character of the post (for lack of a better term), etc etc...please don't.

have a nice day/evening/night :)
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Costa Rica NT Player dies in car accident.

Dennis Marshall, a member of Costa Rica's national soccer team, died Thursday afternoon in a car accident, Traffic Police confirmed. He was 25.

I'm actually really upset about this, I just heard it on the Spanish-language news, and it's all over the internet. This is so sad. I saw him play on Saturday, and he played an excellent game. My condolences go out to his family and his teammates and to his NT supporters. I hope he's resting in peace.

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