June 21st, 2011

Almost as absurd as the transfer rumors.

Octopuses target psychic Paul title

Eight octopuses in Germany will compete during the upcoming FIFA Women's World Cup Germany 2011 to determine which is the worthy successor to world-famous tipster Paul, organisers said today. "We are currently conducting different skills-training exercises with the octopuses in the hope that at least one of them can forecast as well as Paul," said Britta Anlauf, spokeswoman for Sea Life Germany.

In order to ensure a level playing field, each of the eight Sea Life centres in Germany will have exactly the same equipment, which will be delivered this week. On the day of every Germany match at 1100 local time (0900 GMT), the octopuses will be put through their paces in Berlin, Hanover, Koenigswinter, Konstanz, Munich, Speyer, Timmendorfer Strand and at Paul's old home in Oberhausen.

The exact format though is being kept a secret, but it is likely to be along the same lines of what Paul did during last year's FIFA World Cup™, when he was credited with correctly predicting the outcome of all seven Germany matches.

Two boxes were lowered into the salty soothsayer's tank, each containing a mussel and the flag of the two opposing teams. The box that he yanked open first was deemed his choice to be the winner. By the end the British-born cephalopod's performance was being carried live on rolling news channels in Germany. He cost bookmakers a fortune and even correctly predicted Spain's victory over the Netherlands in the final.

Paul died aged nearly three in October, sparking hundreds of messages of condolence from his fan club on social networking website Facebook, whose ranks have more than tripled since his death to more than 200,000.


Never forget :'(

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 So Liverpool have been linked with a move for Downing for a while now and now today this pic of him & Andy Carroll has been doing the rounds - WHAT DOES IT MEAN?!?!?!

Is it a sign that he's confident he's going to move to Liverpool?
Is the barmaid a Liverpool fan who wanted her scarf in the photo?
Is it just a couple of pissed footballers having a laugh?
PHOTOSHOP EXPERTS OF ONTD_FB - is it even real? Some people (Tony Barrett and lots of Villa fans) seem to think not.

People always say "I won't believe he's signed until I see a picture of him holding a scarf up in Anfield with Kenny" about prospective signings. Does seeing a picture of him holding a scarf up in a bar in Ibiza with Big Andy have the same effect?

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