June 20th, 2011

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Off With His Head! An Everton Fan On Liverpool’s King Kenny

"'King' Kenny's return to full-time management hasn't been greeted with delight from all quarters of Merseyside. An Evertonian hopes the crown begins to slip."

While the red half of Liverpool swears an oath of fealty at the feet of the returned ‘King’, the Everton half are busy praying that Dalglish’s permanent appointment doesn’t herald a restoration to former glory. In our eyes, King Kenneth reigns supreme as the man that Evertonians despise the most – the sole sense in which we also consider him to be a king.

Aside from his hairstyle, which still looks as though it’s been cut by his mum, our unmitigated enmity towards Dalglish is also attributable to his uniquely held position as the only man associated with Liverpool FC who has inflicted pain upon us as both a player and a manager. (Sorry your mom doesn't do a good job cutting yours tbqh.)

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I'll just let my King say all that I need to say: