June 19th, 2011


CONCACAF Gold Cup Quaterfinals


CONCACAF Schedule- June 19, 2011
Jamaica V United States 3:00pm EDT 
Panama V El Salvador 6:00pm EDT
Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium (Washington, District of Columbia) 
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Online Streams: Univision, Football Streaming, My P2P, JustinTVCONCACAF 
Television: Fox Soccer (U.S - English), Univision (U.S. - Spanish), Sportsnet One, Setanta Sports Canada (Canada - English)
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Worth his weight in gold.

^^the title is indeed an allusion to his supposed chubbiness, but idgaf, he's flawless to me. You never #needtodietpills, Lamps!

It’s actually his bday tomorrow but I'll be busy then so I’m getting this up early! My favourite Chelsea player and King for life, Frank Lampard’s goin’ be 33 tomorrow! I have more pictures of Frank Lampard in my five photobucket accounts than any other celebrity/human/person, so naturally, a big-ass picspam!

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tyfyt ladies ~~~

Michael Ballack vs The World

A few days ago, it was announced that the Capitano was no longer included in Loew's plans. The press release also stated that the Germany- Brazil friendly in august was to be his "farewell match".  Moments later, Ballack issued an statement that this game was a "farce" and that he politely declines the offer. thank you and goodnight. But lo and behold - a shit storm cometh.  

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Danke Micha, für alles