June 17th, 2011


Germany's lady ballers pose for Playboy

In an effort to promote the sport and the upcoming Womens WC, five members of Germany's U-20 womens squad posed  for Playboy.

In addition, the ladies hope it will also debunk the stereotype of female athletes.  

"With these photos, we want to disprove the cliche that all female footballers are butch," said Kristina Gessat who plays for Gütersloh 


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film • and i choose kill

Life isn't waiting but I'm not stopping, now.

Ladies and gentleman, the 2011-2012 fixture lists!!~

on the BBC website

individual fixtures for each of the top four
Manchester UnitedChelsea | Manchester City | Arsenal

When are the big games/derby matches for you, gurls?! 

(Chelsea have four do-able games to break them in, before a clash of thightans at Old Trafford. We have a fairly brutal winter run-in, where we'll face Arsenal, City, Liverpool and Spurs. Boxing Day match against Fulham. Liverpool away our penultimate weekend, not dissimilar to two seasons ago!)

Oh my, just looked over the fixtures for other teams, not the easiest of starts for the two North London teams! The second weekend looks amaze!

Eeek, 'cited!!

FB: Sergio dropping the copa

Wembley to host CL final again in 2013


Never before has a stadium been awarded Europe's premier club fixture twice in three years but hosting the 2013 UEFA Champions League final is Wembley's reward for the spectacular success of last month's event. It also marks the 150th anniversary of the foundation of the Football Association (FA).

The decision was taken by the UEFA Executive Committee in Nyon and means the fixture returns to Wembley for a record seventh time, the second since the stadium was rebuilt. "Given the exceptional nature of this historic moment in our beautiful game, and the fact that we will also celebrate 150 years of the Laws of the Game, we felt it was our duty at UEFA to help the FA celebrate in some special way," UEFA President Michel Platini explained.

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Now call me cynical but I remember Platini saying he wanted the final to go to new places ... I guess the fact that - despite the tickets for this year´s final being the most expensive ever - there was the 3rd highest attendence in EC history at Wembley changed his mind.

Not to mention the fact this will mean that the FA Cup gets marginalized yet again to suit UEFA´s rules about Wembley´s availability.