June 16th, 2011

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So long, farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, goodnight!

Michael Ballack no longer figures in Joachim Low's plans for the Germany national team, the coach has confirmed.

Bayer Leverkusen midfielder Ballack has not played for Germany since March 2010, with injury ruling him out of last summer's World Cup. His absence at that tournament allowed some of Germany's promising younger players to make an impact, with the side finishing third in South Africa. Low's men have since gone on to open up a 10-point lead at the top of their Euro 2012 qualification group.

The coach has always said Ballack will need to win back his spot in the national side, but the former captain has struggled to tie down a regular first-team place at Leverkusen since arriving from Chelsea last summer. And following recent talks between Low and Ballack, Germany's national football federation has confirmed the 34-year-old's international career is over.

"Michael Ballack will no longer be a part of the German national squad," the DfB said in a statement. Low added: "The last few months have shown that many young players have stepped into the spotlight and have good prospects. After several phone conversations with Michael it is now the time, before the start of the European Championship (next year), to have a clear position."

Ballack has won 98 caps for Germany since making his international debut in April 1999, scoring 42 goals. A gifted leader on the pitch who failed, however, to win a major trophy with Germany, Ballack has been offered to bid farewell against Brazil in a friendly in August.


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CHRISTiano Ronaldo's interview with Cadena COPE

Cristiano did an interview with Cadena COPE, talking about his life, his loves and who the real mayor of Madrid is!! Flawless, stunning, more goals than your faves, tanner than your faves, more adorable child than your faves, better gelled fauxhawk than your faves, etc

What three places would you recommend us in Lisbon?

There are many great things in this city, which is where I started my career. I came when I was 11 and stayed seven years. It’s a great city, with great people and many museums, the beach, good food… it’s phenomenal, and very similar to Madrid, but with a beach [yes, that's the only thing that Madrid lacks!!].

And bacalhau?

Yes, of course, it’s a traditional Portuguese food and I love it, but we have many more things.

How is your vacation going?

Great, I’ve been spending time in Algarve with my family. It’s been phenomenal, the weather’s great and I’m very tan. I still have a few more days of “relax.”

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Copa América ad

Do you guys know what's the world's best bargain? Buying an Argentine for his worth and selling him for what he thinks he's worth!

Do you know what's the Argentine favorite toy? The yo-yo. Me, me, me.
voiceover: you, you, you, you did it, says the Argentine captain to his teammate

Did you know that Argentina is the country with the highest rate of premature babys? Do you know why? Because not even their mothers can stand them for 9 months!
voiceover: 16 years after arriving to Italy, the whole stadium gives Zanetti a standing ovation. The captain is a symbol of the club.

Do you know why the Argentine never use a parachute? Because no matter what they do, they can't ever land on their feet. (translating idioms sucks, ok? basically we can't be liked)
banner: Mr Marcelo Bielsa, Chile thanks you.

We must acknowledge that the Argentine are a superior race. They are Gods! They are everywhere... but noone can see them! ( no one can stand us, yadda yadda)

Do you know how an Argentine commits suicide? He climbs onto his ego, and then he jumps!

The last one, the last one. Do you know what they call Argentines? Sperm. Because out of a million of them, only one is a person and the rest are worthless! Thank you!

In TyC Sports Argentina is more Argentine. Copa América. From July 1st to 24th.

What are your favorite Argie players, coaches and teams? Copa América predictions are welcome.
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Alex Ferguson vs Kenny Dalglish, pt. 2

With a short glimpse of today's bets on Charlie Adam on Sky Sports I discovered slight changes as seen under the cut:

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Yesterday his move to Liverpool was on 1/10 and is today on 2/5 (or 4/10) -- while his move to Manchester United was on 6/1 (or 24/4) and is now on 7/4. I'm not very much in betting but this intends the chances of Charlie Adam being a Man United player coming season are highten up. And this situation reminds me strongly on the one of Roy Keane back in 1993. He was about to move clubs from relegated Nottingham Forest to Blackburn Rovers, where a certain Kenny Dalglish was manager. On a Friday Keane and Dalglish shook hands and Roy didn't only sign papers because all staff was off at this very Friday. He was told by Dalglish to come back on Monday to sign the contract. Though he travelled home to Cork to celebrate his move with family and friends on Saturday and woke up with a hangover on Sunday when this scene followed:

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The rest of the story is well known: Roy signed for Manchester United and stayed there for twelve years. Will almost the same story happen with Charlie Adam? Kenny Dalglish, now manager of Liverpool, desperately wants Charlie in his squad since January. With this transfer window had closed Alex Ferguson stated that only Charlie Adam's dead ball deliveries were worth 10 million pounds. Right now I've read that he prepares for a 12 million move, which will top Liverpool's bid on around 2-4 million pounds (as far as I know). We will see what will be the outcome. But one point is certain: It won't make the relationship between Alex Ferguson and Kenny Dalglish any better.