June 14th, 2011

f***ing disgrace

The Economist's take

WHETHER he possesses a bottomless capacity for self-delusion or simply breathtaking cynicism, Sepp Blatter’s performance at a press conference earlier this week was beyond parody. Asked whether recent corruption allegations meant that the governing body of the world’s most popular game was in crisis, the Swiss 75-year-old president of FIFA, replied: “What is a crisis? Football is not in a crisis. We have just seen a beautiful Champions League final with Barcelona, with fair play. We are only in some difficulties. And they will be solved inside our family.” Mr Blatter’s attempt to link the sublime skills of the European champions with the moral squalor of the outfit he has run for the past 13 years was true to form. His uncontested re-election (after the removal of his only rival, Qatar’s Mohamed Bin Hammam, amid bribery charges) a couple of days later for a fourth four-year term was depressing for anyone who cares about the “beautiful game”.


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Be prepared to puke up rainbows, people.

A meeting with Spain: Alonso, Arbeloa and Silva get candid

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- It's not often U.S. fans get the opportunity to mingle in the presence of footballing royalty. So when Adidas organized a meet-and-greet recently with nine members of the reigning World Cup champions in advance of Spain's recent friendly against the U.S., plenty were on hand at the "We Got Soccer" store to get a glimpse of Spain's stars up close and personal. (WTF why did I not go to this?)

There's been some talk lately about the Spanish team's travel fatigue -- understandable after a long European club campaign for the players, and the national team's own virtually nonstop schedule since winning the European Championship in 2008. Compounding matters is the perception among some in the Spanish media that a rift has appeared within the team -- largely after the potentially fractious series of clásicos played recently between Barcelona and Real Madrid, the two super powers that provide the bulk of the Spanish squad roster.

On this day however, there's very little evidence of the existence of any such discord. The players are relaxed and joke with one another during preparations for the photo shoot and appear well at ease in each other's company. It's a notion that's reinforced by Real Madrid midfielder Xabi Alonso, who stresses the closeness of the squad in general.

"We have 70 or 80 percent of us who come from Madrid or Barcelona, so we have all had a long season and played in a lot of competitions and played at a high level," said Alonso. "Most of us have known each other for a long time, so that helps. Whenever we make a national team we keep the club separate from that and we come together as one team. We put the club apart for that time and we try to share and fight to make the same dream together. It is a great atmosphere and we play as a team. You can talk about it [club matters] but we don't do this very much and when we do it is not a big matter."

While some of the players posed for photos with their adoring public (to no surprise, Barcelona's David Villa was in particularly high demand), I took some time to speak individually with the trio of Alonso, David Silva and Alvaro Arebeloa.

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Dead by this free of flaws interview.

Sara Carbonero vs Gaby Elizalde

The Spanish journalist, girlfriend of Real Madrid's goalkeeper, had an attack of jealousy and vetoed his stunning Mexican reporter.

Iker Casillas came to Mexico with his girlfriend Sara Carbonero, among other things, to relax and record an advertising of the paradise resort city of Cancun.

All good up there, until suddenly entered the scene Gaby Elizalde, spectacular journalist of the "Futbol para todos (Football for All)" Fox Sports who had good intentions to interview successful Spanish keeper, who attended the press at his hotel, but Sara Carbonero not stand the 'competition ' and strongly opposed the appointment from her boyfriend and the Mexican reporter.

One of the compelling reasons of jealous rage of Sara Carbonero have to do with the brutal figure Elizalde has, who this year posing as God brought her to world in the journal "H Extremo. "

The interview was frustrated, but Gaby did not remain silent and advised in their own twitter: "Women not be jealous of your boyfriends. Feel safe. "Gol de Mexico!
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Footballers on Why FIFA 12 Is So Goddamn Awesome

For the TL;DR crowd: Jack Whilshere needs subtitles, and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is a god. Oh, and a very overdressed Pique is there, too, along with Cahill, Kaka, Conor Chinn, winky!Benzema, Rooney, Joleon Lescott and Ochocinco.

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