June 11th, 2011

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Another women's football post~

Coach Morace staying with Canadian women's team

Canadian soccer received a major boost with the news that Carolina Morace has agreed to stay on as coach of Canada's women's team through to the 2012 London Olympics.

Thursday's development brings an end to a lengthy dispute between the Italian and the Canadian Soccer Association, soccer's governing body in Canada. Morace, a 47-year-old native of Venice, threatened to quit her post following this summer's FIFA Women's World Cup in Germany over her growing frustrations with the CSA.

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CanadaSoccer are putting up player profiles of the Canadian Women's National Team, this is what they have so far:
Christina Julien | Robyn Gayle | Carmelina Moscato | Jonelle Filigno | Karina LeBlanc | Rhian Wilkinson | Brittany Timko | Erin McLeod | Sophie Schmidt

Misc. women's football links:

Question: is anyone intending to do an introduction post for the Canadian Women's National Team?

USWNT 101 and picspam

Olympic Medals: 3
Women's World Cups: 2
FIFA World Ranking: 1

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Sources/Useful links: Most of the pictures are from the official USWNT Blog or Google. Gifs mostly from henriksaves on tumblr. Info from U.S. Soccer and Wikipedia. To follow the USWNT check out All White Kit and Our Game Magazine, among others.