June 10th, 2011


Rumour Mill: Torsten Frings to NY RedBulls?

Hello people

As you know, Torsten Frings will not play for Werder Bremen anymore, and there is some speculation about his future. Seems that he is planning to continue to play for more one or two seasons, then he will going to start his coaching career with Werder Bremen.

Meanwhile, rumours have been strong. Last week some of them were speculating about Frings going to Glasgow Rangers, but nothing was confirmed.

Yesterday there were some noise on Twitter about Torsten's future, thanks to this post here:

Okay, despite I cannot see Torsten as a "trialist", in fact there are some evidences:
  • Torsten at this moment is indeed in the USA, according to some news we have been read;
  • Torsten loves USA, especially New York;
  • This tweet can be easily related to Torsten (from Germany,  successful career so far etc).
What do you think?

Bend It Like Bajramaj - Part 1 of 3

Bend It Like Bajramaj

There's more to this beautiful, talented, elegant, fast and fabulous footballer than you ever imagined.

From Refugee to World Champion
A Documentary Film about Germany's Fatmire 'Lira' Bajramaj in 3 parts (This is part one)
A film by Nick Golueke
Fully translated by Jenny Jenkins of LiveJournal.

CLICK HERE for part Two
CLICK HERE for part Three

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film • and i choose kill

Darling, we're the young ones.


Three articles, one from The Guardian -- about five other young English premier league talents who could soon be changing teams, one from Metro featuring their ranking of the 10 fastest runners in the premier league, and an article from Sport magazine giving an intro to the Euro U21s - starting tomorrow!

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FB: Danes

1 day to go!


So tomorrow this summer's international competition kicks off. I know a lot of people will be watching to get their summer football fix, but might not know all that much about the bb ballers and since I came across the Daily Mail (yes I know, I know, you're all judging) team by team guide, I figured we could kick things off with a general preview of the tournament and the teams involved this year.

Every two years the elite of Europe's young talent gathers for the UEFA European Under-21 Championship, with entertaining play and no little drama often the end result.

The tournament kicks off on Saturday when Denmark face Switzerland and Belarus take on Iceland in Group A. The following day, Group B gets under way with games involving 2009 beaten finalists England, the Czech Republic, Ukraine and Spain.

Group A

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Group B
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So who are you looking forward to watching through out the tournament and who do you think will be coming away with the trophy?