June 2nd, 2011


This is the WANK that doesn't end...

Chelsea assistant: Torres misses Liverpool

(lol aaalrighty then)

Chelsea striker Fernando Torres misses the service he used to receive at Liverpool, according to Blues assistant manager Michael Emenalo.

The Spanish striker has failed to live up to his £50 million transfer fee and has scored just once since his move from Anfield during the January transfer window. Liverpool has since thrived without Torres under new permanent manager Kenny Dalglish.

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Let the WANK begin!

UPDATE: It's been confirmed as a fake report, but let us remark at the LOL effect this article has. /UDPATE

End of Season Sid Lowe Spanish Football Awards

It's the Sids 2011! The complete review of the past La Liga season

From an amazing managerial achievement to perhaps the greatest assist ever, it's time for the annual end-of-season Spanish football awards

Eighteen days in the spring defined and decided the season. Finally, the inevitable happened and the curtain came down on the rest of Spain, leaving Real Madrid and Barcelona to fight it out for absolutely everything. The clásico series felt like the obvious conclusion, two-and-a-half weeks that acted as a microcosm of the season. The best two sides became the only two sides, league, Champions League and Copa del Rey their own private battleground, and as much of the spotlight was shone off the pitch as on it – where there were accusations and acrimony, formal complaints and a complete lack of class. Where it got genuinely pretty horrible. Just as it was always going to.

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Do you agree ontd_fb? Any other contenders/awards that are worth noting?
film • and i choose kill

Very punny.

That annoying tl;dr Chavski bitch here! Right, so I was going through one of my old football scrapbooks (I have a few, trolololo), and came across this quite poor pun in The Guardian: -

I also came across these: -
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So it got me wondering, what were all yall fave footballing puns/ play on words??? Feel free to link the actual articles or just quote them, hehe. I've noticed that, naturally, Tabloids tend to go more ~all out~ with their puns as opposed to the broadsheets, wherein the closest they get to a pun is something like "Joe Hart has the heart to be England's #1" (NB - he may have the hart, but he also has a potty mouth, bloody lad, just when I thought I couldn't love Joe hart more!), whereas a tabloid would be all "TORRENTIAL!!!~~~". But anyway. Yours please girlies!~~~

Feel free to also share cringe-inducingly NAFF puns. Mine would be The night Peter Crouch-ed and Bern-ed, I mean, the gurl that came up with that one just needs to train :-p 

(and to close with, a fusion of two of my favourite things; Chelseabung, and swag: