May 31st, 2011

GNev/Scholesy kiss

Another one of the Class of '92 decides it´s time to graduate ...

Paul Scholes has decided it is time for him to hang up his boots and retire from playing football

Paul was part of the new wave of talent that came through to the first team during the mid-90's. He scored twice on his debut in the League Cup at Port Vale in the 1994/95 season and since then has enjoyed a long a successful career, making an incredible 676 appearances for the Club.

Paul will take on a coaching role with the Club from the start of next season. Fans will also have the opportunity to see Paul play again at Old Trafford in his testimonial match in August.

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There´s just one left now :( 

Thank you for everything my Ginger Prince and may your legacy of mistimed tackles and red headed awesomeness live on throughthe future generations of ginger Utd players you´ll help nurture as a coach.

ETA: RoM have a good page of quotes from ballers about Scholesy, it´s worth a read
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concacaf comedy

Concacaf in turmoil after 'sacking' of Fifa whistleblower Chuck Blazer

• Concacaf website later said Blazer remains general secretary
• Body's acting chief Lisle Austin accused of 'unauthorised' move

Concacaf appeared in turmoil on Wednesday morning after the organisation's general secretary Chuck Blazer, the Fifa whistleblower who made allegations of corruption against Caribbean football federations, was "sacked" by the body's acting president, Lisle Austin.

But the attempted dismissal was later described as "unauthorised" in a statement on the Concacaf website. "Jurisdiction over the general secretary rests solely with the Concacaf executive committee which has taken no action," the statement said.

It added: "Further, a majority of the executive committee members have advised Mr Austin that he does not have the authority to take such action. Chuck Blazer continues as general secretary and with the full authority of his office."

In a letter to Blazer, Austin, who has taken over temporarily from the suspended Jack Warner as Concacaf chief, had said Blazer was "terminated as general secretary of Concacaf with immediate effect".

Blazer, an American who is also a member of Fifa's executive committee, was not immediately available for comment.

Austin said in his letter that he considered Blazer had "grossly insulted and defamed" Caribbean associations by stating "that each member association was under investigation for bribery".

The acting president also said Blazer had "improperly appointed five non-elected members of Concacaf to congress". Austin also repeated that Blazer had no authority to hire the Chicago based lawyers Collins and Collins to collect information for the report which led to the suspension of Warner.

"The above conduct is inexcusable and a gross misconduct of duty and judgment. It is apparent that you are no longer fit to act as secretary general of Concacaf and to represent its members," the letter concluded.


One of the people covering this story just tweeted with: CONCACAF acting president Austin in touch again via a note to say he considers sacking of Blazer is authorized....