May 30th, 2011


Qatar's Bin Hammam accused of buying 2022 World Cup

Suspended Fifa vice-president Jack Warner has made public an e-mail that claims Mohamed Bin Hammam "bought" the 2022 World Cup finals for Qatar.

The e-mail, seemingly from Fifa general secretary Jerome Valcke, also questions why Asian confederation chief Bin Hammam was running for Fifa president.

Valcke wrote: "[Hammam] thought you can buy Fifa as they bought the World Cup".

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This is going to get good.
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PK shenanigans in the Rose City

Timbers games at home are always entertaining. This was something different. One PK, retaken twice.

because FIFA rules state:

The defending goalkeeper:
must remain on his goal line, facing the kicker, between the goalposts until the ball has been kicked


if the goalkeeper infringes the Laws of the Game:
the referee allows the kick to be taken
if the ball enters the goal, a goal is awarded
if the ball does not enter the goal, the kick is retaken

so DC's goalie goes for a slight stroll, a rule not always called is called...and fun is had.

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GNev/Scholesy kiss

Oh Manchester is Wonderful! Oh Manchester is Wonderful ...

So, earlier today, on a wet and windy summer day in Manc, the Utd players boarded a bus to drive through Manchester to present their 19th Premier League title to the fans, here is the resulting picspam.
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