May 29th, 2011

In honor of the 39 victims in Heysel - ynwa

"Twenty-six years ago today, on May 29th 1985, 39 football supporters lost their lives at the Heysel stadium in Brussels, Belgium. It was the European Cup final between Juventus and Liverpool."

A short explanation as to what happened.

An amazing account of someone who was there, linked from the first page

Another article on the tragedy (and a few others... with pictures).

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Steven Gerrard is going to be very hungover today

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Before anyone starts, yes Liverpool fans are aware that we didn't win anything this season, aren't in Europe next year etc etc. This is merely an appreciation of footballers getting wasted and letting their mates post hilarious and embarrassing pics of them on the internet, something which I'm sure we can all agree should happen more often.
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Confirmed Transfer: Cabaye Leaves Lille For Newcastle

Yohan Cabaye Set For Newcastle
French international leaves Ligue 1 champions Lille for Newcastle United

It's official. In conjunction with the preparation for the match at Rennes, Yohan Cabaye announced Saturday to Rudi Garcia and his teammates his decision to leave Lille for Newcastle (England). Just like the player announced on Canal+, after the match the Lille coach confirmed the departure of the LOSC midfielder Sunday night. Formed by the club, Cabaye started in the jersey of Mastiffs in Istres in November 2004, under the coach Puel. He had in his contract a release clause of 5 million.- OM Stadium in north of Villeneuve d'Ascq

French source, crappy Google translate cleaned up a bit by me