May 26th, 2011

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Transfer madness seems to be setting in early so I've decided to bring it up now.

-Try to have some restraint on the rumors posted. There will be a lot of "Unicorns United demand record $$$ for Sparkle Mane to go to Man Utd/Inter/my ass" but if it's clearly a lie like "Mr. Mane to join his major rivals Troll FC for a penny" then try not to post it. I know it's silly to demand truth from rumors but if it's totally outlandish maybe it's better to think twice about it. Also certain players will be brought up more than others (ahem Bale) so have some restraint on those too because no one wants to read all the ~guardian exclusives~.

-Cescgate is still banned! For the uninitiated, that means the Cesc-Arsenal-Barca love triangle. If there's a story where he's taking a definite action then go ahead, but his friend's/doctor's/third cousin's nattering about his genetic makeup isn't really anything except an excuse for a shitstorm.

-If something is in a language other than English, please translate it before you post. Not everyone can read Spanish/German/French/what have you and google translate can be a little fast and loose with its results. Feel free to keep the original language but something en ingles on the bottom so everyone can know what's up would be great.

Totally unrelated but there's a lot to watch this summer! In addition to the club football going on in many places, there's the Women's World Cup, Copa America, the Gold Cup, the u-20 World Cup and the u-21 Euro Championship. So hopefully all of that can distract you from any transfer shenanigans.

thank you for your time :*

Manchester United fan claims 'horrific treatment' over anti-Glazer banner

• Carly Lyes was 'dragged' to a cell at Chelsea tie
• United say fan 'infringed ground rules'

A 27-year-old fan who claims she was dragged from her seat, arrested and banned from Old Trafford for displaying an anti-Glazer banner, has accused Manchester United of meting out "horrific treatment". The supporter says she missed out on the end of the league season and a ticket to Saturday's Champions League final against Barcelona at Wembley.

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Premier League End of Season Review 2010-2011: Part I.

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hai bungs! I counted up the votes for the End-of-season-review thingymajig thing that you guys voted in, and here are results for half of 'em! MATCH, UNDERRATED PLAYER, FLOP, SHOCK, GRIPE & CHARACTER of the season so here they are! I did Gold, Silver, Bronze, as well as 4th and fifth place. I need to train to get a life trolololo but at least it looks pretty!

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I'll do the other five categories when I can be bothered to move my arse. Discuss these amongst yourselves~~~
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In brief Sporting Lisbon news:

Domingos Paciência is the new manager of Sporting Lisbon

Domingos Paciência, former manager of Sporting Braga who took his team to the Uefa Europa League final, has been signed for two seasons as the new manager of Sporting Lisbon.

Late news, but lacked a post here :) All the best luck to him, and I hope the club can finally sort things out for the next season!

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FB: Vidic and Berbs

Kolo Touré banned for six months over failed drugs test ... but he'll be back in September


Manchester City defender's ban backdated to 2 March

Touré argued he had already been severely punished

The Football Association has banned the Manchester City defender Kolo Touré for six months after he tested positive for a specified substance in February. The ban is backdated to 2 March, meaning Touré will miss only the first few weeks of Manchester City's next campaign.

Touré had argued that he did not know he was breaking rules when he took his wife's diet pills. The defender said he was concerned that the error would cost him his place in the first team.

Since failing the drugs test earlier this year Touré missed the end of a season that saw City finish third in the Premier League, gaining a Champions League place, and win the FA Cup.

Touré has received a lighter punishment than Manchester United's Rio Ferdinand: the England defender was banned for eight months and fined £50,000 in 2003 after missing a drugs test.


Fair punishment? Let off lightly? Should have been longer? What do you think?