May 25th, 2011

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Everything he wants he gets, ’cos everything he does is kinda necessary.

Hi darlings! OK, I counted up nominations from this entry, and in the case of categories where there were some serious lack of interest, boosted a few nominations from The Guardian’s pages. You know how Julianne Moore didn't win a single Oscar in 2003 despite being nominated in Lead for Far from Heaven, and supporting in The Hours? Well, being nominated in two categories can often split the vote and work against you, so I took the liberty of collating votes for players who were nominated for player & underrated, so as to prevent them from featuring in both categories a la Mrs. Moore. By this vein, Modrić and Leiva got bumped up to first class, and Peter Odemwingie and Charlie Adam are flying economy. So, here we are! Voting time for Premier League Awards of the Season 2010-11~~~

Just a few rules before we start:
01. You don’t have to vote in every category by any means, so if ~who’s da hottest~ doesn’t interest you one jot (or you think all the nominees are munts), feel free to omit the category.

02. If you do vote in a category though, please do a 1), 2) and 3) (your first place will get the most points when I aggregate them up.) Votes with only 1 or two will thus not be counted.

03. This is not a Jamie Redknapp system of doing things, so you cannot be like 1) Gareth Bale, 2) Gareth Bale, 3) Gareth Bale. In fact, to try and prevent partisan bias getting in the way, in the categories of Best Player, Goal, Flop, Underrated, Disgraceful Calls, Character and Most Attractive, you cannot vote for more than the same team more than once in the same direction. This sounds convoluted, so I’ll try to explain. Say you’re picking goal, and you liked Tiote’s goal vs Arsenal and Nasri’s goal vs Fulham, that’s fine, you can put both down, because even though the former involved Arsenal, it was against them. Similarly, say you’re doing Worst Call and you want to vote for Carragher not getting sent off for his foul on Nani as well as Rafael not getting sent off for his foul on Lucas, that’s also allowed despite it involving both teams, because one is against Liverpool/Man Utd, and the other is the fouls are *on* them. God this is confusing. But basically, what I mean is, say you’re picking Underrated, something like 1) Leighton Baines, 2) Phil Jagielka and 3) Yaya Toure wouldn’t be allowed (the first two both play for Everton). Note that this is not enforced for match category, so it’s open house for voting there.

04. If you genuinely only care about your 1) and want them to do as well as poss, then you could do tactical voting, that is to say make your number 1 your 1), and then for 2) and 3) just bung down two that you know have no chance of winning, as this will then deprive any close competitors of getting points. So basically what I'm saying is, I can't stop you from (or even detect, tbh) ~voting strategically~, such as making Modric your #1 just to deprive Vidic of winning it or whatever.

Any questions, just ask, I know, I know, I'm a knob, I need2train
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Arsenal chix


The Portland Timbers are going up against FC Ajax in an international friendly tonight. Ajax, as we all know, is just coming off their Eredivisie win, and according to the preview, will be fielding 9 of the starting 11 from that match.

7:00 PM Pacific time
Live streaming on the Timbers website.

Anyway, yes, I am going to play this like a Big Important Post because a) it's my first _fb post and b) this will be my first attendance to a pro soccer game! I'll post some photos tomorrow if I manage to get any good ones.

FB: Real

The truth is out there ... Xabi Alonso speaks out


Alonso's Liverpool story is one of Champions League and FA Cup success, ridiculous long-range goals, defence splitting passes and general midfield mastery.

But the way it all came to an end left something of a bad taste in the mouth.

Fans all over the world were left devastated when the deal to take Alonso to Madrid - a deal which had been on the cards for 12 months after then manager Rafael Benitez confirmed his interest in pursuing the signing of Gareth Barry in the transfer market - finally went through in the summer of 2009.

Suddenly the club's midfield playmaker had gone; the man who made it all happen in the centre of the field and the man who had driven Liverpool to within touching distance of the league title with a record number of points.

Surely he would want to stay and help the Reds take that next, big, elusive step? We had gone so close - why did he have to end his Liverpool love affair now?

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Hey, at least it's not Inter

Italy international Andrea Pirlo has completed his move to Juventus on a three-year contract.

The 32-year-old midfielder, who announced last week he was ending his 10-year stay at AC Milan, passed a medical in Turin today.

A statement from Juve on Tuesday evening read: "Andrea Pirlo is officially a Juventus player.

"The signed contract will run from July 1, 2011 to June 30, 2014."

Pirlo spent 10 years at Milan having begun his career at Brescia, from where he joined Inter Milan in 1998 before going on loan to Reggina and back to his first club.

He joined Milan in 2001 and went on to win two UEFA Champions League crowns and two Serie A titles with the Rossoneri, while also enjoying World Cup glory with Italy in 2006.
Select group

Pirlo joins a select group of players to play for Italy's big three clubs of Juventus and both Milan sides.

The first was Italy legend Giuseppe Meazza and the only others are Aldo Serena, Roberto Baggio, Christian Vieri, Edgar Davids, Patrick Vieira and Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Pirlo struggled with injuries and form this season, though, and made just 12 Serie A starts as Milan won the title.

His signing could impact on whether Juve choose to sign midfielder Alberto Aquilani, who spent the season at the club on loan from Liverpool, on a permanent deal.

Juventus finished a disappointing season in seventh place to miss out on European qualification.


Israeli State Cup final!




The defending cup holders and last season's champions vs. current champions meet for the first time in the State Cup final.
Tonight at 20:50 (local time), in The National Stadium, Ramat Gan, Israel's two best teams will meet in an unforgetable match!

Being the best Israeli teams these years, the rivalty is rising and every match between them attracts large crowds (tickets to the tonight's match were obviously quickly sold out).

HAIFA: Davidovich, Meshumar, Pylyavskiy, Benado, Masilela, Yahaya, Boccoli, Katan, Rafaelov, Hemed, Dvalishvili.

HTA: Enyeama, Canada, Badir, Fransman, Den Dayan, Yadin, Abutbul, Zahavi, Tuama, Sahar, Tamuz.

Go Hapoel, this is our last chance to do something this season...forget about the stupid management, just do it-next year we'll have no players left :\ I miss last season!

Come on ladies, hot guys and Zehavi+Canada bromance invites you in
legends utd

i can't liiive, if livin' is without youuu


Image and video hosting by TinyPicsomeone give this man a gq cover srsly

They brightened up the EPL with their kits, their attitude, and their flawless manager who wasn't afraid to say exactly what he thought of any situation. And now, just like that, they're gone. Unceremoniously dumped back into the abyss that is the Coca Cola npower Championship & The Football League. Let us take a look back at some of their finest moments.

And by that I mean lulzy shit Holloway said with some football thrown in along the way. 

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Think of what that money could bring, I'd buy everything

Glazers give Manchester United's manager green light for summer spree

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Sir Alex Ferguson told to target world's best players
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