May 16th, 2011


Sergio Busquets will play in the CL Final

From the FC Barcelona website:

"Sergio Busquets podrá jugar la final de la Champions.  La UEFA ha notificado al FC Barcelona que ha desestimado la reclamación del Real Madrid."

English: Sergio Busquets will play the Champions League final. UEFA has notified FC Barcelona that they have dismissed the claims of Real Madrid.


LFC Kelly

This is a Napoli Post :D


Yesterday Napoli drew with Inter Milan to secure 3rd place and guarantee a spot in next season's Champions League :D Hopefully they can beat Juve next weekend to end the season on a high.

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amy owl

two totally unrelated things- yesterday's match and derbies this season

Yesterday Spurs did what they haven't done since August 1993 and won at Anfield. ngl I thought they were going to lose-- they had been losing steam for this last part of the season and Liverpool were riding high on the back of thrashing Fulham/feeling better about their season. I was very pleasantly surprised, to say the least.

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picture sauce

Meanwhile, as West Ham lost and ensured their relegation, Millwall fans paid for this banner to be flown over DW Stadium during the game. With both of them in the Championship I'm sure their matches next season will be full of sweetness and light. It did make me wonder though- which derbies (any league) this season have been your favorite, either as a fan or as a neutral?

They said to come back...

Manchester United fans unveil '19 times' banner at Anfield

Manchester United fans attempting to ensure maximum enjoyment is wrung out of the club's record-breaking 19th title took their cause to Anfield on Sunday, unveiling a banner inside the ground before the Reds' game against Spurs.

United clinched their landmark 19th title on Saturday, finally eclipsing Liverpool's total of 18, and the club's supporters went to great lengths to ensure those at Anfield were fully aware of that fact.

As Liverpool fans began their customary chorus of You'll Never Walk Alone, United fans, organised by the Red Issue fanzine, unveiled a banner emblazoned with the words "MUFC 19 TIMES" in the Anfield Road End of the ground.

Those responsible had a getaway car waiting outside the ground (LOL YOU CANT MAKE THIS UP), plus fellow conspirators in the adjoining stand in order to get photographic evidence.

The banner-baiting between the clubs has a long history, with Liverpool fans' now famous "Come Back When You Have Won 18" banner kicking things off in 1994. United fans responded to that after clinching their 18th title in 2008-09 and have now added another chapter to the ongoing rivalry.

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The source

Join us as we celebrate our league win and official claim as the most successful club in English football ever. #CBG #19 #movement!! Welcome to a new era.