May 13th, 2011

FB: Vida and Luca

Anyone else getting a sense of deja vu here?


Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson has been charged with improper conduct by the Football Association for comments about referee Howard Webb. [AGAIN]

The comments in question were made in the build-up to the 2-1 Premier League win over Chelsea on 8 May.

Even though Ferguson spoke positively about Webb, he broke FA rules which state that no manager should speak about a referee prior to a match.

The Old Trafford club's manager has until 1600 BST on 16 May to respond.

Ferguson's side won the match last Sunday against Chelsea 2-1 to move within a point of securing a record 19th title with two games to spare.

But, two days before a game which could have resulted in Chelsea overtaking them at the top-flight summit had the Blues won, Ferguson spoke about Webb at his news conference.

"We are getting the best referee, there is no doubt about that," he said at the time.

"But (getting a bad decision) is definitely our big fear.

"We have the players to do it all right. We just hope it's our turn for a little bit of luck."

Ferguson only recently returned to the dug-out aftyer a five-game ban and £30,000 fine for his criticism's of referee Martin Atkinson following a 2-1 defeat at Chelsea in March.


Srsly, the FA are a joke ... Fergie gets charged if he so much as mentions the word referee nowadays, but if he didn´t talk to the press then the FA would be on him for that too ... he can´t win

But i dont want to be sucked into a black hole..

Its sepp blatter again! he has sent in an open letter to Gazzetta dello Sport..
let us read together this piece of literature genius and revel in the symbolism of black holes and pyramids and frolic within the underlying messages of the following heartfelt letter 
Dear readers of Gazzetta dello Sport,

What is this really about? In the case of FIFA's presidential elections we are not really talking about candidate A versus candidate B, but about whether in future there will be candidates at all. The election of 1 June could cause a tectonic movement with irreversible damage. What is at stake is nothing less than the survival of FIFA. The issue of whether this world footballing organisation, developed with success over the years, will continue to exist after this date or, whether it will instead be sucked into a black hole.

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The sad reality of being a female football fan in this shitty world

Bias in viewership opportunities upsets female football fans

JEDDAH: With the UEFA Champions League finals coming to a close, local women have complained they have been left out of the excitement, as most family café’s and restaurants do not show the games in contrast to male-only cafes.

“I went to five cafes in hopes of watching the Manchester United and Chelsea game, and none of these cafes were showing the match,” said Haifa Rajeb, 24.

Rajeb recounted what a waiter in a café in Jeddah’s Rawdah district told her when asked why the matches weren't being shown in the family section.

“‘We show it in the men's section and we do not have the subscription for the family section. Sometimes we try and connect it to all our TVs, but it is not possible for all the matches.’ Then I asked him if he deemed ‘Man-United’ to be a ‘Man-Only’ game? He laughed, but he was not sorry about the chauvinism,” she said.
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the source

I don't mean this to be an attack on Saudi Arabia, but this is obviously a huge problem there. What I love is hearing these women are well aware of their rights and aren't happy about this poor treatment. The sad thing is, this kind of thing actually happens a lot around the world, whether it be in very different ways or not.

Big question of the day: do you experience any prejudice as a female football fan, or feel any kind of discrimination? what are your thoughts on this and what women in general have to put up with in the 'beautiful game'? Is it something we need to address as much as the other issues we face, or do you think this is a regional-specific thing?