May 10th, 2011

FB: Sergio dropping the copa

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Manchester City v Tottenham Hotspu

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Palermo v AC Milan

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Deportivo La Coruna v Athletic Bilbao

Malaga v Sporting Gijon
Racing Santander v Atletico Madrid

Real Madrid v Getafe
Paris S.G. v Nancy
Saint-Etienne v Lille

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so it's a little early but I have classes so you get to look at dancing Iker for a bit longer
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Crazed bull Cristiano Ronaldo assaults fan, gives him smelly worn shirt

Yesterday during the Getafe game, Cris cleared a ball into the stands that accidentally hit one of the fans in the face and gave the guy a bloody nose. You can see the medics going over to help him out, and at the end of the match, Cris came over to give the guy a shirt, a hug and take a picture with him.

Nice story for the guy to tell his grandkids :D

But of course, now the evil Jose Mourinho is teaching his players to attack their own fans. Will it never end?
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I'm just a horny fool, oh baby, it's so cruel.

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So, watching Man City vs Tottenham (and with that, my boy Peterpoo scoring an own goal, oh the fail, oh the irony, oh the disgrace, oh the dsjfhdsjfhdsfdkjdfhkjhkjfhdkjfh), and, being the randy bung that I am, I realised that I could actually compile a starting XI from men on both teams who I – in my very dubious taste – consider shaggable.
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OK, I’m done being a disgrace to female fans now. =) You say which team you think’s the fairest of them all, feel free to spam with pictorial evidence! Or, for the bant, feel free to randomly bung together two teams like Manchester Hotspurs or something, for the trolololols =)
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Balotelli saves boy from bullying

Manchester City star Mario Balotelli has become an unlikely hero after rescuing a bullied schoolboy from his tormentor.
The Sun reports that the Italian striker was asked for an autograph by the young fan at City's training ground, but turned the tables on the lad by asking him why he was playing truant from school.
The boy explained that he was absent because he was being bullied - sparking an incredible reaction from the 20-year-old superstar.
The City ace drove the boy and his mother to the school and demanded to speak to both the headmaster and the bully, during which he apparently mediated as the two boys buried their differences.
The unlikely knight in shining armour - who has hit the headlines all season for a string of on- and off-pitch controversies - then made the pair shake hands before he sped off in his Maserati.
"Mario feels strongly about bullying and thinks it's out of order, " a source told the paper.
"He had no qualms about sorting the mess out as he felt the lad should not be missing out on school."
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a note on sauces

1. Y'all have generally been cool about it, but can you remember: don't take stuff from other blogs like Dirty Tackle, Kickette, Who Ate All the Pies, etc! Videos and pictures are fine but I mean the actual original written content they come up with. You are a funny bunch, I'm sure you can write stuff that's just as good :)

2. Considering how upsetting it is for some people, don't use the Sun as a source. Personally I really wouldn't want to give them (or the Daily Mail, for that matter) any extra hits because they're both xenophobic/sexist/classist/*insert asshole behavior here* rags and you can do better than that.