May 6th, 2011



20:05 BST/21:05 CEST/15:05 EDT



00:15 BST/1:15 CEST/19:05 EDT
Cerro Porteño v Estudiantes

2:45 BST/3:45 CEST/21:45 EDT
LDU Quito v Vélez Sársfield
CPD Junior v Jaguares

Copa do Brasil

23:30 BST/00:30 CEST/18:30 EDT
Coritiba FC - Sociedade Esportiva Palmeiras

1:50 BST/2:50 CEST/20:50 EDT

Flamengo v Ceará

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film • and i choose kill

For you, there’ll be no crying.

I was wondering, what were all your favourite footballing anecdotes/lol-stories of lulzy things that have happened to them? here are a smattering off the top of my head, some famous, some lesser-known.

A couple of Bung's:---

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With the emergence of footballers on twitter, footballers bantering with each other over twitter is quite a prominent one too. Obvs there's tonnes more, so do share!
david villa - frustrated

France being classy: more details coming out re the 'quotas' scandal

I'm in France at the moment so getting first hand information on the 'quotas' scandal and racial discremination within the FFF. It's everywhere in the media over here, and it's brewing to be a bigger scandal than expected as more relevelations come out....

Until this morning, everybody at the FFF denied allegations that they used the word 'quotas', however Mediapart revealed today a new document with a statistical graph.

the yellow % is about players with dual nationalities in national youth teams in France in 10-11
jrs = joueurs = players

Laurent Blanc was meant to be interviewed today but this was cancelled as he is in Italy. It's not clear yet when this will be rescheduled. Minister of Sports, Jouanno, confirmed she does not want him to resign and is still waiting for more clarity around this scandal to make a decision about the future of the FFF.

Meanwhile, everybody has an opinion and a lot of the 98 champions have started to speak out. Manu Petit even called for Zidane to speak out...... 

Guardian: Viera shocked by scandalous race quota allegations (English)
Liberation: Affaire des quotas (French)
article from Libé about the gap between the NT and 'le foot d'en bas' ie grassroots football
L'Equipe: tout sur l'affaire (all the coverage from l'equipe in one place)

To be honest - this is making me so sick, you have no idea..... I still think this will get rationalised and that not much will be done.

ETA: if you feel like sending an email to the FFF....
ETA2: there more links in the comments to articles in English. Thanks!