May 4th, 2011

Superga Air Disaster 62nd Anniversary

Hello. I would like to preface this post with a few remarks. I'm not trying to appear condescending or patronizing with all of this information. It's merely that looking back through the May 4th archives, I saw no Superga post, so I assume that the only reason for that can be a lack of knowledge of the tragedy, which is why I am giving the entire history of the event. It's one that is very important to my family, to Turin, to Italy, to the world of football, so I only want to give it the respect and recognition that the greatest tragedy in Italian football deserves.

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The songbirds are singing like they know the score.

I was going through one of my scrapbooks of Chelsea match reports and in one clipping (from The Guardian, natch!), I came across something a bit different; it was a home game against Burnley and, well, here’s a photo:-


Spotted it? Yup, our goalscorers are alphabetical, and not just that, but the first three letters of the alphabet! My mind is blown! If only Didi had scored after Ash, that would have been even fiercer!

So, because I basically don't have a life and am kind of obsessed with football from every single angle I can think of do share pics/match reports /gifs etc where players have lined up with their shirts in an ascending/descending sequence, or any kind of interesting mathematical sequence (like 4-8-12), or alphabetically!

I'll get y'all started: -

and our very own 9-8-7, starting with Torres:-

prime numbers:

“Raise your head and be proud. To defend this shield and defend this club.” - Iker Casillas

Well, since there's a Barcelona party thread.... I think Madridista's also deserve a thread of fine recognition of our wonderful team and family. Hala Madrid, win or lose.

Watch Marcelo score at Camp Nou:

Now watch Iker Casillas be Iker Casillas. (Beast, UNREAL, SIMPLYYY THE BEST)

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Obviously there's been a lot of drama and wank and shit going on lately, and its understandable seeing how the games have been turning out and how teams are behaving and emotions are running loose... sooo I thought it would be a great idea just to have a post where none of this can be included!

No matter what team support, we all have unity in that we support the beautiful game of football/soccer/futbol.
I thought it be great to come together as one and share our love for the sport, for our players, etc. etc. WITHOUT any club based or national team based opinions.

To get us in the mood I have to great videos to share and some gifs! :D 
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