May 3rd, 2011

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New Arsenal Kits

Nike are, of course, quick to point out it's their lightest and most environmentally friendly kit EVAR!!1!, but it's also loaded with retro touches, in celebration of the club's 125th anniversary. So says the press release:
The classic design is inspired by the 1970’s strips and boasts a clean, refined look with a block red body and white sleeves with red speed stripe detail. The shorts are white with a red speed stripe and the white socks carry the club’s founding year 1886 on the back of the fabric.

On the back of the shirt below the neck reads ‘’Arsenal’, while inside the front, on the back of the crest, is a graphic that reads ‘Victoria Concordia Crescit’, (‘Victory Through Harmony’), Arsenal’s Latin motto, which was previously featured on earlier versions of their club crest between 1949 and 2002.
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Time to bring on back that other -ism.

Unfortunately, it's another sexism post involving Sian Massey, I'm afraid. Here is video of Massey getting knocked over by Cardiff City player Kevin McNaughton. The two times I've seen it linked today it was with comments that it appeared intentional, and sadly I'm inclined to agree.

(Do not read the youtube comments unless you want to be blindingly enraged. I mean it. Don't.)

To her credit, Massey took the hit tougher than most players would have, but it's a shame that she can't even do her job without now being physically assaulted on top of all the stupid things people like Andy Gray and Richard Keys have said about her. It's also pretty disgusting that the crowd cheered when it happened and McNaughton as far as I know did not apologize.

ETA: Bear with me while I try to find a new video source, ok? Ok, I've got another, we'll see how long this one lasts though.
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 Webb to referee title crunch match
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Howard Webb will be announced today as the referee for Manchester United’s crucial game against Chelsea on Sunday.

The World Cup final referee Howard Webb is set to be announced today as the man in charge of Manchester United's pivotal Premier League game against Chelsea at Old Trafford on Sunday with the league and referees' bodies desperate for a solid performance from the officials blah blah blah. 

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Fan's favourites?


I was reading a back issue of The Guardian's Sports section when they were assessing the PFA player of the year nominees and it mentioned that some of the nominees didn't necessarily represent the Fan's Favourites, so I was wondering, who would you consider to be the fan's favourite player of your team?

In the article it mentioned that although Tevez was nominated for the PFA player award, City fans on the whole probably favour Kompany and De Jong above him, and indeed, I've had the odd text just going "Vinnie :)" or "Nige <3" lol :p

It also mentioned Spurs' fan favourite probably being Modric, despite Van der Vaart and Bale, who are obviously very good, getting the majority of the plaudits, which I think I agree with. He's precious!

As for Chelsea, at Stamford Bridge it's usually JT and Lamps who get the loudest cheers, standard, though Mikey Essien is well loved, despite being a little below-par this season, just for being awesome, and Drogs is as loved as he frustrates opposition. David Luiz also shot his cupid's arrow into Chelsea fans' hearts (yes, we have hearts, believe it :p) under a short space of time, but yeah, he deserve sit <3 But yeah, on the whole, we love our players, Big Pete is adored, we're ferociously proud of Ash and the raucous celebrations at the Bridge when Torres got his goal shows that despite his underwhelming goal record, the fans noticed, and valued, his contribution and effort.

And if I were to wager a guess, I'm guessing Arsenal fan's favourites are probs Jack Wilshere or Nasri or RVP, United fan's are Ryan Giggs or Rio Ferdinand or Vidic or Edwin van der Sar but I'm just generally surmising from the fans I know, so you guys will have a better judgement of this than me!

(mods: any chance of a David Luiz ontd_fb tag? Because there'll be pleeeenty more entries about him to come, hehe ;) ) x

Benfica are Portuguese League Cup/Taça da Liga/Bwin Cup champs!

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This may seem weird as I'm not a Benfica fan, (Porto fan here) I do respect them though and I wish them and the other Portuguese clubs luck when they play in the EL. So, why did I make this?  This was the result of the bet, me and wall_upper  had last week. Parabéns guys,a silverware for you this season, well done for pulling it off vs Paços de Ferreira.
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A little early but I have to post and run coz out till just before the game! 
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Ronaldo foils Jimmy Jump’s attempt to put a hat on him

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Just before the start of the second half of Barcelona's second leg stroll past Real Madrid to the Champions League final, the world's most famous pitch invader (which is a synonym for the world's most annoying person), Jimmy Jump, sprinted onto the pitch. The stewards gave chase in a Benny Hill type way and Jimmy Jump wove his way through the disinterested players to get to Cristiano Ronaldo.

As per usual, the Barcelona fan's goal was to put a red hat on something. At the World Cup final, he tried to put it on the trophy, but this time he wanted it to grace Cristiano's gel and rain slicked head. Ronaldo reacted quickly, though, and went into a standing fetal position that the rushed Jimmy Jump could not contend with.

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YOU GO JIMMY! My fam was rooting for him while we saw him running on the pitch. it was great!
I hope he does the CL final as well.