April 25th, 2011

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All I do is eat and sleep an sing, wishing every show was the last show.


As the premier league reaches its summit, personal gongs are also up for grabs as well as collective ones. As I am a loser with no life, I had a lil' fiddle round with some premier league stats courtesey of the Barclay's website to look at assists, who's been naughty and booked the most, who's scored the most and who's kept the most clean sheets. Good bung? Good.


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And now a poll, ladies!

Poll #1734187 Season's greetings/goodbyes

Who will finish the season as top scorer?

Van Persie

Who will get Golden Glove?

Van der Saar
That's that really! Any players you're hoping/backing to make a late surge in the remaining couple of games?

scousers gonna scouse

lfc.tv have treated us to loads of free videos from the launch of the new Liverpool away kit. They're pretty much all hilarious and amazing. Click on the pics to watch the videooooos.

Who's more scouse - Pepe or Dirk?

It's clearly Dirk. He should have got a point for 'the bitters' and a bonus point for namedropping the legend that is Jimmy Corkhill.

Come Dine with Carra

Carra picks guests for his dream dinner party. If I got invited I wouldn't go, there'd be non-stop arguments.

Stevie's guide to Liverpool

His choices are all boring and obvious. Apart from Alma De Cuba, it is really nice in there to be fair.
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FADDY {f*** off}

Darron Gibson has joined Twitter ... well, at least for two hours...

REPUBLIC OF IRELAND and Manchester United midfielder Darron Gibson has deleted his Twitter account after becoming fed up with the volume of abusive messages he was being sent – within just two hours of setting up his account. Gibson, who has won 16 senior caps for the Republic and is a fringe member of the United squad, set up a @dgibbo28 account (28 being his shirt number at United) shortly after noon today. But within two hours, the account had disappeared entirely – after the 23-year-old became apparently unwilling to put up with negative comments about his footballing ability.

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Other United fans were dismayed at the negative treatment being given to Gibson, however, creating a #getgibboback hashtag trying to urge the Derry-born midfielder to return to the site.

source: thejournal.ie