April 15th, 2011

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Hillsborough, 22 yrs on

On this day, 22 years ago 96 football fans - mothers, fathers, children, brothers, sisters and friends - went out to watch their football team play.

They never came home and justice has never been done for them.

It doesn´t matter who you are, where you´re from or what team you support, if you call yourself a football fan then today you should at least spare a thought or prayer at 3.06pm for 96 innocent fans, their families and the survivors of the tragedy of that fateful day in Hillsborough that shaped the future of English football as we know it.

For anyone who wants to watch it, from 2.30pm (BST), the Hillsborough memorial service will be shown here, live on LFCTV
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Introducing the hyperactive Joshua van Bronckhorst!

This happened late March, so it's about two weeks old, but thought to share this adorable video of Giovanni van Bronckhorst when he and his son went onto the pitch to accept an award that recognizes his work for the national Netherlands team. His son is called Joshua van Bronckhorst, and he's quite the active kid... Start watching from 0:45 to see what I mean... :D

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Source: anoniemegebruiker, Persie Official
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Erik Mjelde makes a new record in Norwegian League

Erik Mjelde, current captain of SK Brann, made history tonight when he scored after only 11 seconds after kick-off againt Haugesund. The old record was at 13 seconds. The match ended 3-3 after an amazing first half. The hometeam Haugesund were quick to take the lead, scoring to goals in 2 minutes after sharing the 1-1 score. SK Brann made sure to get back into the match, ending the first half with 3-3,which also became the final score.

The video says 9 seconds, but the clock was 2 seconds delayed. FUCK YEAAAHH