April 14th, 2011

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Shava Strikes Again!

1. From ryazanov16
Hello Andrey. Your last name history description begins in Warsaw. It was called Arshava by the people and this was reflected by Gogol N.V.
How do you like that route: Arshava (Polish) Orshava (Romanian) Arsava (Asia Minor) Artseynu Canaan (Palestine). The further along the route, the
more ancient the place and there is historical evidence of the presence if not
the Slavs (although the Poles can be traced to Canaan), then to the Indo-Europeans. There is also Arsania according to the Arab sources, but that’s more difficult to trace.
There is evidence that Arsa was on the Kama River and their language according to
Kurbsky is the language of Vyatichi, and they came from the neighboring with Poland land.
There are so many place names your last name can originate from.
Regards, Ryazantsev.

AA: You did a huge job. Great work. Well, honestly, I don’t know the history of my last name.

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Hulk: from a Brazilian market stall to the verge of world superstardom

FC Porto forward talks about tough upbringing

FC Porto striker Hulk has enjoyed a magnificent season for the Dragons. The top scorer in the Portuguese league is widely expected to make a big-money move to one of Europe’s giants in the summer. But his imminent transformation into a worldwide superstar is a far cry from his humble beginnings.

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source: http://www.portugoal.net/index.php/more-fc-porto-news/23088-hulk-from-market-stall-to-superstardom

(I just think it might interest some people, if you've heard of our Andre Villas-Boas then surely you've heard of Hulk. We'll surely enjoy him while we can, I really hope he stays for another year to get a crack at the CL with this team but if not then I wish my fave player at Porto all the best in his future club)