March 15th, 2011

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Japan thanks to the world :)

Well, I was kind of inspired by the post and comments a few posts ago.
As you guys know, our land, Japan was hit by earthquake and tsunami.
Thankfully, I'm alright... but even though people could avoid serious damages, we are mentally down.
One of the things that cheered us up is messages from overseas.
And football fans in Japan were delighted by those things from footballers and clubs. We even cried for them.
So I'd like to share those great actions! :)

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martin kelly

Torres' PR People Need a Hug

Fernando Torres says Chelsea move shows his Liverpool FC loyalty

FERNANDO TORRES has insisted his record-breaking transfer to Chelsea is proof of his loyalty to Liverpool.

The Spanish striker's £50m switch to Stamford Bridge in January left Reds fans disappointed at their former hero, who had repeatedly spoken of his affection for, and commitment to, the club. His departure from Anfield was an acrimonious one, with a shirt bearing his name being burnt by supporters outside Melwood, and Torres himself further angering fans with his comments that Chelsea were a "big club".

The former Atletico Madrid man, however, believes his decision to join Carlo Ancelotti's side ahead of either Manchester United or Manchester City shows his loyalty to his former club, though admits his exit from Merseyside was fuelled by his desire to win trophies.

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Sums up my feelings TBQH


A tumour in Eric Abidal’s liver has been detected and the player will be operated on this Friday.

A tumour in Barça’s French international defender Eric Abidal’s liver has been detected and the player will be operated on this Friday. Following the detection of the tumour Eric Abidal will be operated on at the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona this Friday by Doctor Josep Fuster Obregon.

In accordance with the specific wishes of the player himself, the Club would like to demand the maximum respect for his privacy at this moment. 

#animsabidal is the hashtag in twitter proposed by the club to show your support for Eric Abidal who on Friday will undergo surgery for a liver tumor.
this is more than my road to redemption

sweden are feeling edgy, presents new NT kit, but ONLY the away one

KIT NEWS: sweden finally got a new one!

Swedish national team coach Erik Hamrén is set to unveil the set squad for euro qualifier against moldova the 29th of march today, however, the press conference isn't going to be held at the swedish football association's grounds as is the common case, but at sponsor intersport's. it's because, you got it, we're getting a new kit! exciting? Have a look.
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TEAM NEWS: who's up for the euro qualifier versus moldova?
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FB: Vidic and Berbs

Oh, I got down on my knees and I pretend to pray


Photobucket v CL,Serie A
EPL,CL v Photobucket



Group 1 - Deportivo San Martin v Libertad

Group 3 - Argentinos Juniors v Nacional

Group 1 - Once Caldas v San Luis


Seattle Sounders FC v Los Angeles Galaxy
Hot Rhod

Does anyone even want to know the second meaning of whitecap?

Whitecaps’ marketing campaign draws shirty reception

The video in question:

A provocative Vancouver Whitecaps FC video featuring a body-painted female model concludes with the question ‘Where will you be March 19?’ in reference to the team’s Major League Soccer debut against Toronto FC Saturday.

The answer for Anne Giardini, a prominent Vancouver forestry executive and novelist, is nowhere close to Empire Field, the Whitecaps’ home stadium. The daughter of the late Pulitzer Prize-winning author Carol Shields sent an e-mail to executives with the Whitecaps and premier partner Bell Canada Enterprises Sunday, asking them to explain the video, which has gone viral with more than 33,000 hits on YouTube.

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I disagree with her arguments that the ad is artistic and that objectification is only in the eye of the beholder. It totally ignores the root of the issue. At the core, this ad just follows the old marketing route of slapping a product beside (or in this case onto) a women's body to sell something. There's just no way around it. I wasn't aware that passion [for the game] = getting tits out and being photoshopped beyond recognition. Clearly a scale exists of what is acceptable and what is crass, and this falls into the crass category. Fake Sigi said it best:
I want to be clear that this diatribe *isn't* about a woman being sexual in public, nor do I have anything against 14 year olds or fantasy. Fantasy, being sexy and being 14 are in and of themselves awesome. My complaint is about a sports corporation trying to get money by plugging into its fans' genitalia in the most base way possible with an attempt that just looks pathetic. This marketing is what you do when you've run out of ideas. Slap a couple of breasts up there, everyone loves breasts, even babies love breasts. And who cares if those breasts belong to a woman? They're working for MLS Franchise Number 18, bitches.

It's especially disappointing because the Whitecaps have a successful women's team that regularly competes for the title in the USL W-League and they're not a part of any of the marketing campaigns (and there's like 30 ads, it'd be so much better than watching a ball being kicked around in an office and Steve Nash being all creepy!). Which brings me to my next point of contention with the Whitecaps 30 Day Countdown Campaign:

At first, I thought okay this is kind of cute, but then after thinking about it I realized they're basically just writing off most female football fans as people who only care about looks. It's nice to know that as a female fan I don't have any opinion about coaching methods, formation, player depth and skill, etc because I'm only there for looks.

Fuck you very much Whitecaps Marketing. Angry ranting over.