February 10th, 2011


Baby You're A Rich Man

Deloitte's Football Rich List has been released and it makes interesting reading given the FFP rules are to come into effect in two seasons time. It's probably the best indicator of who will meet the requirements and who is living dangerously close to the edge of oblivion. The main bit is that Real Madrid will not be moved as the World's Richest Club, nor will Barcelona in 2nd, Manchester United in 3rd or Bayern Munich in 4th or Arsenal in 5th who make up the top 5 yet again. But do not fear, 7 Premier League clubs made the top 20 due to the bumper £1.4bn overseas TV deal the Premier League has as well as various commercial endevours each club has undertaken in the last year. It kind of shows how commericially strong the PL is outside of it's own country and remains the one place where the PL has the upperhand over the other European clubs.

Premier League clubs occupied seven of the top 20 places in the league, though the first two spots were filled by Spanish giants Real Madrid and Barcelona.

Madrid generated £359.1 million despite a relatively disappointing season domestically and in Europe, while Barcelona had an income of £325.9 million.

Manchester United were the highest-ranked British club with £286.4 million, followed by Arsenal (fifth, £224.4 million), Chelsea (sixth, £209.5 million), Liverpool (eighth, £184.5 million), Manchester City (11th, £125.1 million), Tottenham (12th, £119.8 million) and Aston Villa (20th, £89.6 million).

City produced the biggest increase in revenue of any European club, up £38 million on the previous year, though it failed to keep up with players’ wages, which were 107 per cent of turnover.

While the revenue figures across Europe were striking - the top 20 clubs generated £3.5 billion between them, up eight per cent on 2008-09 - they painted only a partial picture.

Cost controls, specifically player wages, were shown to be still a major challenge across the game, and all of the English clubs in the table, with the exception of Arsenal, recorded a loss last season.

The Deloitte analysis emphasised the importance of Champions League football to the elite clubs, and the fixed nature of the leading contenders.

The same clubs occupied the top 10 places as in 2008-09 with the top six unchanged, and only two clubs, including Villa, were new to the top 20.

Dan Jones, a partner in the Sports Business Group at Deloitte, said: “All bar three of the top 20 clubs achieved revenue growth during 2009-10 showing the continued resilience of football’s top clubs as the full impact of the global economic downturn took hold.

Source EDIT: If you're a nerd/business student or just interested in how Deloitte constructed the list The entire report in PDF is available here
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Everybody got a deal I did it without one

So, England played Denmark in a friendly yesterday and put on a performance that was half-way decent at times.


Frank Lampard wore the armband for the first half, Ashley Cole for 35 minutes in the second half, and Gareth Barry the rest of the time. Jack Wilshere made his international debut and impressed and the goals were scored by two Villa boys Darren Bent and Ashley Young. Some nice photos from the match, courtesy of The Guardian

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mls schedule for 2011 season/mls on tv

After what felt like ages, MLS put it up. Here's March:

March 15th
9:30pm ET Seattle v Los Angeles

March 19th
6:30pm ET Vancouver v Toronto FC
7:30pm ET D.C. United v Columbus
7:30pm ET New York v Seattle
8:30pm ET FC Dallas v Chicago
8:30pm ET Houston v Philadelphia
9:00pm ET Colorado v Portland
10:30pm ET Chivas USA v Kansas City
10:30pm ET San Jose v Real Salt Lake

March 20th
8:00pm ET Los Angeles v New England

March 26th
2:00pm ET Toronto FC v Portland
4:00pm ET Philadelphia v Vancouver
4:00pm ET Chicago v Kansas City
4:00pm ET Columbus v New York
4:30pm ET New England v D.C. United
9:00pm ET Real Salt Lake v Los Angeles
9:00pm ET FC Dallas v San Jose
10:00pm ET Seattle v Houston
10:30pm ET Chivas USA v Colorado

The rest of the season can be found here.

Also, there is a list for which games will be on either Galavisión/Telefutura or ESPN/ESPN2.

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Lo Siento Papa Pero No

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The Spanish National football team will not be received by Pope Benedict XVI on Monday after suspending the hearing due to many commitment that the members of the national team have with their respective teams.

The players of Barcelona and Valencia have an appointment with the Champions League next week, Chelsea Fernando Torres plays that day against Fulham and Athletic on Monday will travel to Mallorca to be measured at the vermilion.

Thus, it was thought best to postpone this important event so that all the world champions can be received by His Holiness

I guess San Iker will have to hold off in officially becoming a Saint
I'm sure the Emperor though will seek him revenge somehow.
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Because there can never be enough Duckie in this place

So, like I thought, transfer window is closed and the very fine and respected journalists of goal.com (and other websites) are bored. So, they go back to beating the same horse, I mean duck, and the transfer wank about Manu going to United, despite the fact both United and his agent confirmed there have been no approach about him, is back to full speed. 

So in case someone is infact interested in the articles, or just need to vent like me, here are the latest news:

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And in other news: Felix Magath has a facebook page! It was confirmed to be real by Schalke's press officer. Well, I think I know where I'll be heading next time to I need to vent about having no defence and yet not buying any new defenders, not letting the midfield be creative or even present resulting in strikers having to supply themselves with the balls, bringing in players I hardly even heard of instead of promising talent when we are 1-0 down and pretty much everything else that doesn't make sense. 

(as always, thanks to Schalke_UK twitter for keeping a non-german speaker like me informed)

UPDATE:  this quote has been going around twitter, but without a sourse so I do not know if it's legit:

“Mein Herz schlägt für Schalke. Ich bin Kapitän der Mannschaft. Wir wollen nach bescheidenem Start nach oben. Ich lese diese Spekulationen nicht. Mein Vertrag läuft bis 2012.”

(google-translation: "My heart beats for Schalke. I'm captain of the team. We want to start a modest upward. I do not read these speculations. My contract runs until 2012. ")