January 20th, 2011

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Just an Arsenal update

Thomas Vermaelen has just told on the Belgium TV that he will have an operation  next Tuesday in Sweden. 

Thomas Vermaelen's comeback is once again pushed back, this time due to an operation. Arsenal's centre back was supposed to be out for three weeks before his injury proved to be as serious as a half - season one.  In the meantime, Arsenal should be glad with their midfield captained by Fabregas, especially with Nasri who seems to be evrywhere, and Arshavin, who could, when wishing, be Arsenal's flying dutchman. So much can Van Persie, coming into form, and Jack Wilshere, a young, but promising forward, bring to the club. 

source : http://www.dir.bg/


FASH. Space dress.

Paul gets a memorial

In another of the things you weren't aware the world was missing, there's now a memorial for Paul, the World Cup prognosticating octopus who died Oct. 26.

The kids loved Paul. So did the gamblers. His legion of fans had requested a memorial and now the Sea Life aquarium where he lived, frolicked and died in Oberhausen, Germany, has one. The 6 1/2-foot tall memorial is made of plastic (not bronze? marble?) and -- here's where it gets a little weird -- inside is a gold-leaf covered urn containing Paul's cremated remains.

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Valdano rejects Mourinho rumours

Real Madrid general manager Jorge Valdano has dismissed talk of a major rift with coach Jose Mourinho.

As reported on Wednesday that Mourinho had grown frustrated with the club's inability to recruit a new striker in January and that he had been irked by Valdano's decision to query the use of Karim Benzema as a substitute.

It was speculated that Mourinho could return to Inter, or move to the Premier League with Manchester United or Manchester City at the end of the 2010-11 season. (LOL like that'll happen.)

However, Valdano told Marca: "You have interpreted my words as a message to the coach and I have done very bad things when it has been something that was never my intention and never intended. Mourinho has to drive us to achieve the greatest possible gains to be better than last year and hope to continue in this vein. Do not look for anything unusual. We have the logical relationship between a CEO and the first team."

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I doubt he'll leave, but if he does, he sure as hell won't be going to Man Utd or Man City, that's for sure.

We're rich we just need to save money on debts and Wayne's wages

Manchester United can still compete with City in transfer market, says Gill

• Chief executive insists club can compete for 'top players'
• Gill 'comfortable' with business model under the Glazers

Manchester United's chief executive, David Gill, has insisted that his club can compete with Manchester City in the transfer market.

"We can compete, we can compete for top players," Gill told ArabianBusiness.com. "People say we don't, but we have bought well, and our goal at Manchester United is to make sure we develop our own players and also buy good players."

Gill, though, also pointed out that United's plan is to grow their own stars rather than buy them fully formed. "Over time, if you follow Manchester United, you will know we have rarely bought the world star," he said. "We have made them world stars by playing for Manchester United, and that will continue."

The chief executive said he was "comfortable" with the club's business model under the Glazers. "In terms of our business model, we have got debt that we didn't have before," he said. "The debt levels we have got are roughly £500m in bonds, the interest costs on that are roughly £45m, and our EBITDA [earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization] is in the order of £100m, and growing. So we can easily service our debt. So we are comfortable with our business strategy and business model going forward."

There's one thing I can count on during the transfer window and that's David Gill coming out to say we're not skint. But why are the media so hell bent on wanting United to buy in a transfer window? We're not playing our best football admittedly but in relation to where we are in the league, we're doing fine right now. Unbeaten, top of the league, qualified top of our group in the CL...but we have ridden our luck hard this season, like a ho on a Premier League footballer.

It helps that the nearest challengers aren't nearly consistent enough, though. Helps that our defence is fantastic too but we really need to be creating but when I look at our squad this year, I really don't see where we could buy improvements. It's a funny state of affairs. Also that bond issue wasn't popular back when the Glazers revealed their plans but I really want to know how they got the £200m they used to pay off the PIKs.

FB: Real

So there's some games today or smthing ...

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Portugal - League Cup


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I know I missed all the friendly games this afternoon but I've literally been non stop all day and then the internet across the whole school went out ... cue epic drama, but it's here now so you can all relax :P