January 4th, 2011

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Greetings from Arabia

Welcome to Qatar!
The 15th installment of the Asian cup is going to be held in Qatar from the 7th till the 29th of January. This is the second time Qatar is hosting the competition ie second time Qatar is bringing sexy back...(Yeah!)

This is post an introduction post to the  competition and the participating teams.

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Fergie and Arsene, sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S....

Fergie lays into Wenger for persistent Stoke bashing

Sir Alex Ferguson has laid into Arsene Wenger for constantly criticising Stoke’s physical approach.

Manchester United host Stoke at Old Trafford tonight, with Fergie defending the much-maligned direct style of Tony Pulis and his players.
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Alex Gerrard column: It's back to work and back to the gym


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Frankie Sandford just can't get enough of Wayne Bridge.

k, so I've always kind of thought that The Saturdays were wannabe Girls Aloud, 'cept nowhere near as fierce, with Frankie Sandford being the Cheryl-wannabe. I believe this even more now, having read reports that 'pparently Wayne Bridge and Frankie Sandford were seen out and about!
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idk what to make of this. When I first read it, I was like:

Despite my countless bouts of trash-talking Wayne Bridge, that is just because I am, essentially, somewhat of a scummy Chelsea fan. After the whole emotional turmoil he must have suffered last year, I do think he deserves a happy ending (sometimes). So in that sense I'm sorta happy for him. And Frankie Sandford, whilst I resolutely refuse to accept her as a ~singer~, is about a hundred different kinds of beautiful. So whilst they're a bit of an odd couple, I think they don't look bad together. It's early days though, lettuce see.