January 2nd, 2011

daws and seb

super spurs spam on sunday, seriously!

On the 28th, they hosted Newcastle

have I ever mentioned how Aaron Lennon goals are some of my absolute favorites? well now you know.

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On the 1st, they hosted Fulham, and it was somewhat less eventful
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The next match is at Goodison Park on Wednesday! The team looked like they were playing tired v Fulham so I wonder which (if any) changes Harry will make.

However, trying to figure out what he's thinking is nigh impossible for me. For instance:

Harry Redknapp says David Beckham could play against Charlton

• Spurs and LA Galaxy talk as England midfielder confirms his interest in moving on loan
• Tottenham manager insists 35-year-old can fit into his team and play at top level

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