December 20th, 2010

Cheerful - Moonangelchan

So for the Canadian WNT, the year ended on a high note

Canada won its third women’s international soccer tournament of the 2010 season, this time the Torneio Internacional Cidade de São Paulo in Brazil. In the championship final, Canada extended its unbeaten streak to 10 matches with a 2:2 draw against the host. Both Canada and Brazil finished the tournament with two wins and two draws, but Canada lifted the trophy on account of the greater goal differential in four matches.

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I hope you enjoyed my post and the Canadian WNT would like to thank you for your time!

Adorkable Cesc is BBC Sports Personality of the Year award presenter

Cesc at the BBC Sports Personality of the Year awards

Cesc talks about the Spain National Team winning the World Cup, and presents the top three awards, including the top prize to Arsenal fan, jockey AP McCoy.

Cesc tweeted: "Made it even better giving the main award to a horse racing legend and big Arsenal fan like AP McCoy."

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United players have "WALKING" christmas party

FB: Vidic and Berbs

Berbatov trying to tell people how to vote?! Call FIFA!


Manchester United striker Dimitar Berbatov told reporters to stop voting for him after being named Bulgaria's Footballer of the Year for a seventh time on Monday.

"I prefer to see some of the younger lads winning the award," the 29-year-old said after coming top in the poll of sports journalists.

"Please, don't vote for me anymore."
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Why yes I am attempting to turn this place into ontd_utd overnight ... but congrats to Berba for winning (again) and werqing the suit while doing so