December 13th, 2010

Dirk Luis

Best wishes from LFC and Rafa...nah.

Blackburn Rovers have announced that Sam Allardyce has been sacked as part of the 'wider plans' of the club's new owners.

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"Not explaining himself by not turning up in his office really shows what he is like. The only people I saw were Sammy Lee and a few of the staff. That was just as disappointing as the gesture, and it typifies the man."(2009) etc etc etc BYE SAM YOU PRICK.

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Spanish media connecting the doping doctor to the national football team

BARCELONA (AP) Doping doctor Eufemiano Fuentes should fit in with the info that can deprive Spain both World Cup and European Championship gold in football.

"If I speak, we will no longer be the world and European champions in football."

This quote is from the doctor Eufemiano Fuentes, rendered in the major Spanish newspaper El Mundo today, suggests that Spanish football has adopted illegal means on the road to the European Championship gold in 2008 and World Cup gold in 2010.

Fuentes is known as one of the perpetrators in the Operación Puerto case in 2006, where top riders Jan Ullrich, Ivan Basso and Alejandro Valverde was among those who were caught blood doping, after it was found large amounts of blood bags and other evidence of Fuentes in Madrid.

Thursday Fuentes was arrested in the take-up of a new doping case in Spain: Operación Galgos.

Coming from fellow prisoner

The quote in El Mundo does not come directly from Fuentes, but through a person he was imprisoned by the weekend.  Despite this, the case turned up in many large Spanish media sources.

  As a result, coach Vicente Del Bosque gone out and said that he did not know about doping in Spanish football.

- In my 43 years in football I have not known or seen anything suspicious, "said Del Bosque .

Barcelona star Xavi, who helped to win both European and World Championships, says the same thing.

  - Currently, no one found guilty, but it's a shame with this case. We in the football are confident that we won the World Cup without doping. We relate to this quiet, there's no problem for us, "said Xavi .

Fuentes has said that he has also worked with the football teams in the top two levels in Spain.


Rescued Chile miners in Manchester

12 december

Former Manchester United and England international Sir Bobby Charlton has welcomed 26 of the 33 rescued Chilean miners to the UK.


The men were freed in October after two months trapped underground.

Sir Bobby, whose father was a miner in Northumberland, told the Chileans: "You took it in your stride and the whole world was very proud of you."
Omar Reygadas said they were delighted to be at Old Trafford and jokingly challenged United to a game.
The men will be guests of honour at Old Trafford for Manchester United's Premier League game against Arsenal on Monday night.

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13 december

Rescued Chile miners meet Manchester United players

VIDEO 2 where you can see United players can write

Sir Alex Ferguson has taken time out from match preparations to welcome the Chilean miners to a Manchester United training session.
Sir Alex and a host of first team stars posed for photographs with the men, as well as signing autographs.
The 26 miners, who include former professional footballer Franklin Lobos, were invited to the game by Sir Bobby Robson (WHAT? BBC's EPIC FAIL. Robson???!!!!), a director and ambassador for United.

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source: BBC news
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Viggo Mortensen Is Better Than You

 GQ motherfucker Viggo Mortensen is a renowned San Lorenzo fan. Besides being awesome, walking around with the colors and the crest everywhere, and traveling to Argentina to see matches, he is involved with the club's politics. 
Today he used his website to call out some of the shady business people have going on with the club, under the title of "Preguntas sanlorencistas". 
First of all, he took care of Carlos Abdo, who became SL's new president last Saturday. While fans of the club have been raising money to buy properties where the old stadium stood (trying to go back to the neighbourhood of Boedo) for years, Abdo bought a key property. But he claimed the club would have to pay him every cent for it. Nice, huh?
This is what Viggo had to say:

1) Mister Abdo, why did you buy the property in Las Casas, the one the club was about to buy? After making sure you'd get media coverage for your apparently kind gesture, supposedly contributing to the much desired return to Boedo, you told the club they'd have to pay you back for it. A lot of San Lorenzo fans have given their own money to buy properties, the ones that surround the place of the Viejo Gasómetro. They have given those properties to the club without asking for anything in return, even though they don't have the amount of money you do. Let's see if now that you've won the presidency, you'll do the right thing, giving the club that property for free and immediately.

But then, he had some words for Marcelo Tinelli. He is a popular tv host and producer, probably the most famous tv host in Argentina. He is also a huge San Lorenzo fan and a millionare. Last year, he announced a project to build a new house for the kids who are part of the youth system and live in the club. They are far away from their families, alone in Buenos Aires, and the current accomodations are a disaster. Tinelli raised the money (500,000 dollars) and presented the project. Nothing ever happened. But Viggo doesn't forget!

2) Mister Tinelli, you also earned media coverage when you presented the beginning of the construction of the new house for the kids of San Lorenzo. That's gone. It remained in the public's eye as a kind gesture from you, but nothing has been built. The project has been abandoned completely. Let's see if you can get your act together and you can take all the pictures you want stading next to the president, once this building you promised to our club is inaugurated. (buuuurn)

I love you Viggo, you speak every sanlorencista's mind. Abdo, Tinelli, you just got owned by Aragorn.


Brazilian Club Post

Along the The Brazilian Football Confederation's history, the competitions to decide the Brazilian champion have changed. The number of championships recognized was dictated by of the number of championships won in the current title race: the Campeonato Brasileiro. However today, CBF voted to unify the championships, making Santos and Palmeiras the new record holders as eight-time champions. Sorry São Paulo and Flamengo

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Feel free to spam. Also, if you feel like throwing shade at the current three-time champs, please know that Cristo doesn't care.

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Morrisons to sue FIFA? I don't even know.

Grocer Morrisons has said it wants Fifa to pay £1m ($1.6m) to grass-roots English football over what it called an "unfair" World Cup bidding process.

It has instructed lawyers in Switzerland to "examine options" over whether compensation can be claimed.

The Bradford-based firm became a backer of England's 2018 campaign in February.

Backed by ex-England star Alan Shearer, the firm gathered 1.6m signatures in support of England, only to see Russia secure the hosting prize.

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