December 10th, 2010

lion king - ass!

honey's got a booty like pow pow pow

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sources & thanks: many, many hours on lj and tumblr and other scary corners of the web. some pics and gifs from melj1213, sashaj22, and I have saved a zillion RM match gifs from albion_lass so she deserves thanks as well <3
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CR7 caught cheating

Ref calls Ronaldo football's biggest cheat

Cristiano Ronaldo is the biggest cheat in European football, according to a top Fifa referee.

And Dane Claus Bo Larsen has also named Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson the most unpredictable manager.

Larsen, 45, took charge of his final Champions League game this week as Ajax beat AC Milan in the San Siro.

Now he has revealed Real Madrid's former Manchester United star Ronaldo is the “most irritating player” he has handled during his 14-year career.


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When i play FIFA, Ronaldo is always diving tbh.



Player of Liga Deportiva Universitaria de Quito, Gonzalo Chila, wasn't who he claimed to be. The Ecuatorian newspaper Universo de Ecuador showed documents that prove his real name is Ángel Cheme Ortíz, born on November 19 in 1981.

Things came to light when the real Gonzalo Chila accused the stolen identity, even though the lawyer of Cheme claims it was Chila himself who encouraged the change.

Gonzalo Chila is really an evangelic priest, but in 2003, Cheme and Chila went to a try out for the lower divisions of club Aucas. The two friends tried out, but only Chemes was selected. Unfortunately for him, however, his age didn't let him be part of the squad. In that moment, he decided to buy a new identity in exchange for some cash.

Priest Chila says he didn't know anything about it until he tried to ask for his passport and officers told him that identity already belonged to somebody else.


women playing football

For a Women’s Soccer Team, Competing Is a Victory

KABUL, Afghanistan — On Tuesday the Afghan national women’s soccer team had only two days left to practice before leaving for its first international competition.

They took turns with long shots at the goal, practiced blocking penalty kicks and dribbled the ball to one another around a circle.

Then armed soldiers burst through a gate in the corner, ordering them — politely — to go to the edges of the field. Overhead there was an awful roar, then the rotor wash of incoming helicopters, sending dirt and debris flying in their faces.

Once again, NATO had reclaimed its helipad, and the women had to vacate the only place in the capital where it was safe for them to play.

“I hate helicopters, but anywhere else, we would not be able to play in public. We would be attacked,” said Khalida Popal, a women’s soccer federation official and one of the longest-serving team members. She plays defender on the team, but is a tireless attacker when it comes to promoting women’s soccer, or football, as it is called here and in most places in the world.

“This is how I fight,” she said. “We want to send a message over the world to show that women can play football, and study, and work.”

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FB: Vidic and Berbs

He's shown he can score on the pitch this season, now we know he's scoring off it ...


Bulgaria’s football star Dimitar Berbatov is expecting his second child with his long-term partner Elena, Bulgarian media have reported.

According to the reports, the Manchester United star and his girlfriend planned the baby in the summer. The result of the ultrasound has showed that their daughter Dea will have a baby brother, which will be named after the father of the football star – Ivan.

The couple is superstitious and does not want to announce officially the good news yet. When they were expecting their daughter Dea, they waited until the last moment to announce they were about to become parents.

During her previous pregnancy, Elena wore a red thread on her hand against evil eyes until giving birth. Then, a red thread was also put on little Dea’s hand.

Bulgarian media report that Elena has moved in Berbatov’s home in Manchester about two months ago. The couple has designed a room for their daughter and is now preparing one for their son, too.

However, Elena is expected to give birth in Bulgaria, with the help of the same medical team that helped her with Dea’s birth.


Just WTF are they putting in ballers' waterbottles these days?! Or maybe this just shows that footballers have faaaaaaaar too much time on their hands ... but congrats to Berbs and Elena