December 3rd, 2010


Qatar 2022 from a Qatari - Oh, happy day.

Before I start, let me clarify what this post is. This post will celebrate the successful bid for 2022 as the previous posts in this comm nearly brought me to tears. Those who congratulated in the previous 2 posts, thank you! Feel free to comment with your opinions, but please be considerate.

I had to stop reading the announcement post because it got me too emotional. Not emotional like last night when Sepp Blatter took out the card confirming we are hosts in 2022, or when the royal family started crying, or when me and my friends got together -- but made me very upset. I was late getting on, so I only saw that some trolls where banned for profanity and inexcusable terms used. So, I locked this post to members only.

No worries! I shall go on.

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Rio Ferdinand brings sad news

Forget the WC this is serious business

Blackpool vs United is OFF :(

Following ongoing discussions between the Premier League, Match Officials and Manchester United it was agreed match referee Peter Walton would inspect the Bloomfield Road playing surface on Friday afternoon.

After consulting with the groundsman and club officials the Northants based official travelled to the Fylde Coast and inspected the playing area at the stadium.

Mr Walton expressed concern that the severely affected areas of the playing surface would not thaw sufficiently for the game to be completed.

The Premier League and officials at Manchester United were kept fully updated with the ongoing situation at Bloomfield Road.!/rioferdy5

rioferdy5 Rio Ferdinand
Blackpool game tomorrow called off due to the frozen pitch, so gutted tweeps.
[Football] Bonbon eyebrows

Arsenal/Man Utd target Mexico's Ochoa

Guillermo Ochoa faces Manchester United or Arsenal transfer choice

Arsenal and Manchester United are set to battle it out for Mexican goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa as both Premier League sides continue to search for new first-choice keepers.

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I don't know if is legit or not, but I thought it would be interesting to hear what people think about this if it were true.


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 I'm here to clear up to clear up some distasteful misconceptions about Qatar as a Muslim, Qatari woman. I was born and bred in this country and I hope I can teach you something about my people, my country and my culture... under the cut!

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Ready to Inspire. Russia 2018

I hope all noise and not adequate people calmed down a bit, so I could write this post.
Please be politically corrective.

“I want to tell you a little story about my hometown, Leningrad. The city was destroyed during World War II. There was no electricity, no heat and no food during winter, but there was football. Football helped the people to make it through this hard time. Football is especially popular in Russia. 2018 will be fantastic.”
Vladimir Putin, Russian Prime Minister

"I always feel proud for our country. And today, after Mr. Blatter announced that Russia has won the right to host the 2018 World Cup, I felt a tremendous sense of happiness. Happiness for my homeland, my people. Russians deserve to host a football festival in our land. It's nice that it's a common joy. Immediately after this historic decision, I received a lot of congratulating sms, by the way, they were much more than that day when I scored 4 goals at Anfield:)
I have already said that in case of victory of our bid, we will hold this championship worthy, at the very highest level. We are entrusted the right to host World Cup 2018. We will not let you down. Holiday-to-be:)
Andrei Arshavin, the captain of national team

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Someone Needs to Go All Wikileaks On FIFA

World Cup bid process flawed and in need of greater transparency

ZURICH -- The Baur au Lac hotel, a five-star palace on the banks of Lake Zurich, was the epicenter of The Game here this week: the final lobbying of the nine bids vying to host the 2018 and 2022 World Cups. As the official hotel of the FIFA Executive Committee, the 22 men who choose the World Cup hosts, the opulent Baur au Lac welcomed all manner of dignitaries this week, from former President Bill Clinton and David Beckham to Prince William and British Prime Minister David Cameron.

On Wednesday night, I shared a couch in the lobby bar with Mia Hamm and her husband, Nomar Garciaparra. And on Thursday night, after FIFA had chosen Russia '18 and Qatar '22 as the big winners, I came back to the Baur au Lac to try to make sense of how Qatar -- a nation the size of Connecticut, one that had been deemed a "high risk" by FIFA's own inspectors -- had swept aside the U.S. with ease to win one of the biggest prizes in sports.

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These articles are about FIFA and the bid process and it would be nice if we could keep the comments about that. So please refrain from making “wanky” comments about countries being “butthurt”. And obviously no racist crap. I will remove any comments I do not like and you will be banished (j/k).