November 26th, 2010

Hala Madrid

This is like a pep rally for Monday's game!

What is Morbo? As Phil Ball puts it;

Morbo is the word, as they say in Spain. Trouble is, it's one of those awkward ones that defies easy translation. No matter how you try, you can't quite nail the word down. Don't bother with a dictionary, for it will only confuse you further, the word having other meanings that are not applicable to football.

Nevertheless, since no history of Spanish football can pretend to be complete without it, the word has to be confronted. Take Real Madrid and Barcelona for starters - the easiest introduction to the idea and to Spanish football in general. There is so much morbo festering between these two sides that they would have to employ a very powerful priest to exorcise the phenomenon, always presuming that they wanted to.

It's not merely that they hate each other with an intensity that can truly shock the outsider, but that each encounter between them always has a new ingredient. This is the essence of morbo. It feeds off itself and keeps growing until it becomes a self-regulating and self-perpetuating organism.

All cultures must possess their version of morbo , but in Spain it has been the driving force behind the public's relationship with football for 100 years.

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Head to Head Results
Real Madrid leads, 68-62-30

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OMGZ!!! I don't want Pique to hate Iker! I love them both!!1!!1 Why can't they hold hands in a circle and sing Kumbaya? I want a draw.
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Other bc the poll only lets me give 10 options. Boo.

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Dirk Luis


Redknapp - a cigarette, looks and feels pretty good on the outside and does the job but internally wreaks absolute havoc long term.

Holloway - (ginger beer) flashy and stand out, people arent really sure, some like it. I dont.

Allardyce - (root beer) cack and no one likes it.

Hodgson - a court case, should have gone under more investigation, jury is so well and truly out that theyre not even there, h&g style. wasnt looked in to further because more serious crimes were going on at the exact same scene. alibi is believeable but has doubters, could become a very good verdict.

Ferguson - a pencil case with the pull on the zip slowly disitegrating. a barbed wire fence with an injured lamb caught in it. a pencil that is broken inside so sharpening is no help. a shoelace that the plastic thing has fallen off. genuine poison. the unreasonably sticky top part of a cornetto wrapper.

Rafa - the amazing bottom of a cornetto.

Wenger - the chef of a meal that contains quite a lot of homegrown vegetables that combined look good but dont fill you up and are covered in lie in interview sauce.

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Do the managers from your favourite leagues/clubs/national teams!