November 23rd, 2010


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Moyes angry at loss of Cahill for cup.

SOCCEROOS star Tim Cahill has been thrust into a new club versus country row, with Everton manager David Moyes fuming about losing his most important player for up to six weeks because of the Asian Cup.

Moyes has spoken out about being without Cahill not only for the tournament in Qatar from January 7 to 29, but also for any Socceroos lead-up camp. While Moyes admitted he had no choice but to release Cahill for the Asian Cup under FIFA regulations, he is determined to keep his leading goal scorer with his club as long as possible before the tournament begins.

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Uhhh.... What?

The harshest punishment soccer players can usually expect for berating a referee is a suspension or fine - not 24 weeks in jail.

But then most players don't respond to the threat of a red card by driving a car on the field and at the official.

Amateur player Joseph Rimmer became incensed by a referee's refusal to award a free kick during a February game between Lonsdale and Harrington in northwest England. Rimmer thought he was about to be penalized by referee David Harkness, so he told him: "If you book me or send me off, you know what will happen."

Not likely.

Rimmer, who works as fitness instructor and nightclub doorman, stormed off, fetched his Range Rover and drove it across the grass. Harkness was not hurt.

Witnesses statements read in court said people reacted with "panic and fear" and some had to run to get out of Rimmer's way.

"Before he could be shown the red card, the defendant stated, 'I'm going to run you down,' then walked off the pitch," prosecutor Derek Jones said. Rimmer was sentenced in Liverpool Crown Court on Tuesday.

Harkness remains shaken.

"After 35 years, I now fear I cannot continue as a referee," he said in a statement. "I have not slept through fear that the defendant will find out where I live and carry out his threat to shoot me."


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Diego Forlán - officially a GQMF now

GQ, 2010 Sportsman
Diego Forlan continues to receive awards. Uruguayan striker of Atletico Madrid on Monday received Man of the Year 2010 award for Best Athlete, awarded by the magazine GQ.

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And to add some more prettiness, the Hola! Argentina article + photos. :D

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new book compares pep and mou's leadership models

Mourinho and Guardiola, Subjects of an Academic Study

In anticipation of Monday’s clash between football giants Barça and Madrid, the Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha has published a new study which compares the leadership models of José Mourinho and Pep Guardiola. “Mourinho vs. Guardiola” is the title of the study, conducted by professors Leonor Gallardo and Juan Carlos Cubeiro. Their work highlights the relative merits of the Catalan coach’s “inductive” approach versus the Portuguese manager’s “deductive” approach.

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