November 10th, 2010

Research Help

Hello, for my film and television diploma, I'm writing a presentation about the recent internal fighting of Bayern Muenchen between Louis Van Gaal and Uli Hoeness,

I will also be presenting a piece about Football and the business aspects of it.

Thats why, for research purposes, I would really really love it, if I could gather your opinions on this question:

In recent years, do you believe that Football has become more business then a sport (especially in top leagues) or is there still a good balance between sport and business?

The more and varied opinions I can get the more awesome it will be, and the more of of a help it will be.

This question is for all European sporting leagues: La Liga, Bundesliga, Eredivsion etc...

Add on

I'm getting some excellant perspectives people, and its really really interesting to hear all the different opinions.
Obviously, in my presentation I will give credit to your opinions! :)

One point I'd be keen to hear your views on is this: does it seem that big european clubs are putting more effort in spotting young talent abroad and... If so, is it unfair on the native youngesters of those european clubs and countries?

need another reason to love Barça?



a collection of ancient articles from El Mundo Deportivo


Barça's latest victory was preceeded last night at the Camp Nou by an official reception for the new LGBT fans club Penya Blaugrana and the inauguration of their new crest.
All this in the backdrop of the Queer Football Funclubs Meeting, and event against discrimination that was held in Barcelona and that attracted gay and lesbian fans of many different football clubs in Europe.
Barça will thus become the first club in the Spanish La Liga to have an official LGBT fan club, (in Germany there are a few football clubs who already have them).

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Arsenal's Bambi (aka Fabianski) Fends Off Wolves + Cesc/Theo Interview

and manages to look pretty in pink in the process

Delicious Arsenal sandwich

Moroccan prince Chamakh scored in first and last minutes - Karl Henry tried to maim Arshavin - Cesc made a bad tackle and was taunted by racist chants - Cesc and Wenger apologized, Wolves manager defends Cesc

Inside: Arsene's and Wolves manager's post-match comments and match pics. Also: Szczesny signs new five-year contract, and Jack Wilshere is nominated for Tuttosport’s Golden Boy award for 2010.

Added: Cute interview with Cesc and Theo!

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FB: Vidic and Berbs

"I was like, you're from Kent, just STFU!"

Photobucket vs EPL,CL


Game schedule for today:


19:45GMT/20:45CET/14:45EST Aston Villa vs Blackpool
19:45GMT/20:45CET/14:45EST Chelsea vs Fulham
19:45GMT/20:45CET/14:45EST Newcastle vs Blackburn Rovers
19:45GMT/20:45CET/14:45EST West Ham vs West Brom
19:45GMT/20:45CET/14:45EST Wigan Athletic vs Liverpool
19:45GMT/20:45CET/14:45EST Wolves vs Arsenal
20:00GMT/21:00CET/15:00EST Everton vs Bolton Wanderers
20:00GMT/21:00CET/15:00EST Manchester City vs Manchester United


19:45GMT/20:45CET/14:45EST AC Milan vs Palermo
19:45GMT/20:45CET/14:45EST AS Roma vs Fiorentina
19:45GMT/20:45CET/14:45EST Brescia vs Juventus
19:45GMT/20:45CET/14:45EST Cagliari vs Napoli
19:45GMT/20:45CET/14:45EST Catania vs Udinese
19:45GMT/20:45CET/14:45EST Cesena vs Lazio
19:45GMT/20:45CET/14:45EST Chievo vs Bari
19:45GMT/20:45CET/14:45EST Genoa vs Bologna
19:45GMT/20:45CET/14:45EST Lecce vs Inter Milan
la liga,cups
Real Madrid vs Real Murcia
19:00GMT/20:00CET/14:00EST Zaragoza vs Real Betis
20:00GMT/21:00CET/15:00EST Almeria vs Real Sociedad
20:00GMT/21:00CET/15:00EST Atletico Madrid vs Universidad L.P.
20:00GMT/21:00CET/15:00EST Deportivo La Coruna vs Osasuna
20:00GMT/21:00CET/15:00EST Levante vs Xerez
20:00GMT/21:00CET/15:00EST Sevilla vs Real Union
20:00GMT/21:00CET/15:00EST Villarreal vs Poli Ejido
21:00GMT/22:00CET/16:00EST Athletic Bilbao vs Alcorcon
21:00GMT/22:00CET/16:00EST Barcelona vs Ceuta

cups,ligue 1

17:45GMT/18:45CET/12:45EST Montpellier vs Lille
19:45GMT/20:45CET/14:45EST Marseille vs Monaco

And two gifs today, one is dedicated to anais_molko  and the other to angelaalex  ... I wonder if you can guess which is which? ;) 

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