November 9th, 2010

Steven Gerrard
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Maccabi Haifa 0 - 2 Hapoel Tel Aviv

 The champions - Hapoel Tel Aviv won against Maccabi Haifa 2-0.

The reds played with 10 players from the 26 minute after Dani Bondar was sent off, but in spite this they came back to Tel Aviv with a prestigious win in the struggle for the championship. Shay Abutbul scored from 18 meters (59), Gili Vermuth added the second one (93).  

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Iker, who? There's another Casillas in Futbol, yo.

El hermano de Iker Casillas debuta con el Móstoles | 08/11/2010

El hermano de Iker Casillas, Unai, debutó este fin de semana como jugador del Móstoles en Tercera División. El jugador fue titular en la derrota de su equipo por 1-2 ante el Atlético de Madrid C en el partido disputado en el estadio El Soto. Unai no había jugado ningún minuto hasta este momento.

Unai Casillas no había contado con la confianza del técnico Óscar Garro. Pero su destitución en la anterior jornada, y la contratación del nuevo entrenador, 'Chacho' Heredia, posibilitaron el debut del hermano del hijo predilecto de Móstoles.

El jugador jugó de mediocentro sesenta minutos y fue sustituido cuando el marcador reflejaba un empate a uno. El Móstoles perdió el partido en los últimos minutos con un gol de penalti.

El Móstoles está decimotercero en el grupo séptimo de Tercera División y acumula cuatro partidos sin conocer la victoria.

Right. This is my first post so be gentle, por favor.
My Spanish isn't exactly spectacular, I can understand the article but it would be fantastic if native/fluent Spanish speakers can translate this article in full (not that it says a lot). But basically, it says that Unai Casillas has made his debut as a player for Mostoles in the Third Division and his next aim is to step out of his brother's shadow and achieve world domination (okay, I made the last bit up).

From what I understood, he's a midfielder? I couldn't find any recent photos of the match. Argh. Anyway, Iker's index finger wants to know your views:

Hot Rhod

Let's hear it for Big Red!

Canadian women win CONCACAF title

The Canadian Press
Captain Christine Sinclair scored on a second-half penalty as Canada capped off a flawless campaign at the CONCACAF World Cup qualifier Monday night, defeating Mexico 1-0 in the final.

There was little more than bragging rights on the line, given both teams had booked their places in the 2011 Women's World Cup by winning their semifinals. Still, the Canadians had to survive their stiffest test of the tournament.

Canada blanked Mexico 3-0 when they met in the opening group stage but the hosts offered stiffer resistance this time until Sinclair broke the deadlock following a wild sequence in the Mexican penalty box.

As a result, the Canadian women and coach Carolina Morace leave the Mexico resort as champions of Central and North America and the Caribbean.

Canada did it in style, winning all five games at the tournament while outscoring its opposition 17-0

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Thank you to Mexico for the fine game, both teams played really well. They give a lot of love to Sinclair but I think our whole team played great, let's keep it up for Germany! Speaking of Germans...

...this man will be in Germany. I don't know if he'll follow the Women's World Cup or not, but hey, if he does I hope he does it shirtless ;) Any excuse to post a Rene Adler picture, amirite?

Pride of Britain Awards

Annual Pride of Britain Awards took place yesterday at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London. Apart from Russell Brand, Prince Charles and Danny Dyer [and many more] you might have spotted a few WAGs, at least one footballer and a lot of black dresses. Soz for tagged pics ;)

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liverpool team

World Cup bid news roundup

Things are looking pretty bad for England's chances for the 2018 World Cup...
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Who you gonna call? Beckham, of course.

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In case you didn't know, FIFA are apparently embarrassed/pissed off by the British media's investigations into claims of corruption and scandal... they say that the journalists should have brought the evidence to them rather than publishing it.  And for that, England will probably lose their bid.


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Meanwhile, the US bid for 2022 is still on track... with a little help from Billy C.
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Ole Gunnar Solskjær returns to Norway...

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is happy to be returning to his home country to manage Molde.

The former Manchester United and Norway striker departs Old Trafford in January after over 14 years at the club where he became an icon with supporters.

He returns to the club he left for United in 1996, taking Uwe Rosler's post to ensure a happy homecoming.

Solskjaer has been full-time boss of United' reserve team since 2008, and will continue in his role until the New Year.

However his time at Old Trafford is up, and the 'baby faced assassin' told Sky Sports News that it was too good a chance to miss.

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one more for the LULZ

(well, as long as they don't find out about TUMBLR....)


And again, on Sunday, when he was involved in a curious accident that occurred on the popular social network Twitter: a young fan took over his identity and exchanged a couple of messages with Barcelona B manager Luis Enrique "Lucho".

Luis Enrique publicly revealed it was a fraud account: "It's obvious you are not Muniesa. My players are all on a first-name basis*** with me. You should think about tweeting with your real name instead. Regards". In the meanwhile the defender, who is a stranger to twitter LMAO, was alerted of the incident by his girlfriend's mother (what the...)

the girl apologized through another popular social network, facebook.

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Gomez: gay football players should out themselves

Bayer Munich-player Mario Gomez told the press, that gay football players should out themselves.

They would play like liberated. Being gay isn't a tabu-theme anymore. We have a gay vice-chancellor, the mayor of Berlin is gay. So gay football-players should stay to their preference."

„Sie würden dann wie befreit aufspielen. Schwulsein ist doch längst kein Tabuthema mehr. Wir haben einen schwulen Vizekanzler, der Berliner Bürgermeister ist schwul. Also sollten sich auch Fußballprofis zu ihrer Neigung bekennen.“
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Roberto Baggio: Bringing World Peace

Baggio delight at World Peace Award

ROME (AFP) - Italian football great Roberto Baggio has won this year's World Peace Award, a special award bestowed by Nobel Peace Prize laureates.

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(source) (The Offside article where I heard about this)

I'm always glad to hear about retired footballers doing something positive after their careers. But this is fantastic and I am really happy for him!