November 8th, 2010

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Five Things We Learned from the Premier League This Weekend

Andy Carroll could be a Christian Vieri in the making, Mario Balotelli needs to stop fighting it and Fernando Torres is a delicate flower who needs help

1) Don't pick Davies for England. Pick Carroll

"In the absence of Wayne Rooney, Kevin Davies must start for England against France!" The words of Alan Green of the BBC, although they might equally be the thoughts of Laurent Blanc, France's new coach, looking forward to the possibility of a morale lifting victory in next week's friendly at Wembley. Can't we just let Davies get on with doing really well for Bolton and enjoying his purple patch of Indian summer-ish domestic success?

Davies is a very good Premier League player. But England need to work out how to play the kind of game that suits not just their strengths, but also the different standards of refereeing internationally, and the demands of playing in mid-summer heat against opponents who refuse to give the ball when you place it in the position of maximum opportunity (AKA, the mixer). Andy Carroll is a similarly rugged physical presence, but he harries opponents by closing space and pressing rather than engaging in whistle-happy, close-quarter wrestling matches. Carroll has greater speed, mobility and finishing skills. He is raw. But he remains a special talent, perhaps an English Christian Vieri in the making. Picking the veteran Davies ahead of him would be a depressing – not to mention self-serving and desperately unambitious – move by Fabio Capello.

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What were your favorite moments of the weekend for the Premier League? Personally, the Liverpool win over Chelsea was the best thing to happen all season. But there were some great matches this weekend, for serious.
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Once upon a time...

There was a footballer who told long, rambling stories of his epic adventures in 140-character-or-less installments via twatter. It's been a while, however, since he'd regaled us with a story... until now. So once again, may I present to you:


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Ryan thanks you for your time.

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Xabi Alonso at FHM Bionic

There's not really been a lot of news today so i just wanted to share this with you all :)
It's really nice and informative and we get to learn quite a bit about Xabi too <3

I really hope this has not already been posted but if it has feel free to tell me so i can delete it or the mods can do the honour.

Q:  What are you values as a professional athlete?

A:  I like to be honest and respectful of others, and I think how you behave on the field is very important.

Q:  So, you don’t believe that the end justifies the means?

A:  No.  The end is to win, and the means are to be honest.

Q:  Your career has been brilliant…

A:  Yes, I’m satisfied, but I’m still ambitious.

Q:  Your best game?

A:  I have two: the final of the World Cup this year, and the final of the Champions League in 2005 with Liverpool.

Q:  And the worst?

A:  There have been a lot of deceptions, but I remember especially the 2006 World Cup, when France eliminated us.


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..And Ronaldo scores!

Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo will be awarded substantial damages after the Daily Telegraph claimed he drank alcohol and danced while he was injured in 2008.

The newspaper wrote that the super striker headed straight to a nightclub despite his injured ankle when he arrived in Los Angeles at a sports awards ceremony in July 2008.

Ronaldo, according to the Daily Telegraph had thrown his crutches, dancing with models and drinking champagne for 10 000 dollars.

The Portuguese would not let this go and took the newspaper to court in London. Here, his lawyer argued that the story was fabricated and insulting to Ronaldo. The newspaper admitted in court that the allegations were false and that the article should never have been published. The newspaper was ordered to pay Ronaldo an unknown, but according to rumors, a significant sum of money after being found guilty of defamation.


Let's kill the gossip papers all for once.