November 7th, 2010

And The NOTW Story This Week Is:

Newcastle Players' Cocaine Orgy!!!

Involving these two naughty Geordies
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Celebrate! They'll be scandal hit for the game, too! lolz
And can I just say how funny it is that there are no tags for either Kevin Nolan or Andy Carroll (despite all his tomfoolery this season already) but their is one for Havard Nordtveit! (though you guys have misspelled it! bb's name is Havard NOT Harvard! He is not a university just outside of Boston =(). If we are going to make one I think he has to be Andy "Ride me! Ride me!" Carroll. js I think he's butters btw
FB: Sergio Worth It

"I need a vibrator so I can call it Gonzalo"

El Derbi madrileño


Also playing today:


Arsenal vs Newcastle
15:00GMT/16:00CET/10:00EST West Brom vs Manchester City
16:00GMT/17:00CET/11:00EST Liverpool vs Chelsea


11:30GMT/12:30CET/06:30EST Fiorentina vsChievo
14:00GMT/15:00CET/09:00EST Bari vs AC Milan
14:00GMT/15:00CET/09:00EST Juventus vs Cesena
14:00GMT/15:00CET/09:00EST Lazio vs AS Roma
14:00GMT/15:00CET/09:00EST Napoli vs Parma
14:00GMT/15:00CET/09:00EST Sampdoria vs Catania
14:00GMT/15:00CET/09:00EST Udinese vs Cagliari
19:45GMT/20:45CET/14:45EST Palermo vs Genoa

la liga,leagues

Almeria vs Sporting Gijon
16:00GMT/17:00CET/11:00EST Levanten vs Deportivo La Coruna
16:00GMT/17:00CET/11:00EST Osasuna vs Hercules
16:00GMT/17:00CET/11:00EST Villarreal vs Athletic Bilbao
16:00GMT/17:00CET/11:00EST Zaragoza vs Mallorca
18:00GMT/19:00CET/13:00EST Getafe vs Barcelona
20:00GMT/21:00CET/15:00EST Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid


14:30GMT/15:30CET/09:30EST Hannover vs Borussia Dortmund
16:00GMT/17:30CET/11:00EST Bayer Leverkusen vs Kaiserslautern
16:30GMT/17:30CET/11:30EST Stuttgart vs Werder Bremen


16:00GMT/17:00CET/11:00EST Lens vs Montpellier
16:00GMT/17:00CET/11:00EST Lille vs Brest
16:00GMT/17:00CET/11:00EST Nancy vs Monaco
16:00GMT/17:00CET/11:00EST Nice vs Toulouse
20:00GMT/21:00CET/15:00EST Paris S.G. vs Marseille

Jogi scary
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Brief Germany News Roundup


Beckenbauer officially a legend & Ballack receives "Athletes
Heart"award at Sportpresseball 2010 in Frankfurt

Franz Beckenbauer is now officially a "legend of the sport": the title was handed to the Kaiser on Saturday as part of the 29th Sportpresseball at the Alte Oper in Frankfurt, Germany.

Beckenbauer is the fourth person to receive this award. Earlier winners include handball coach Heiner Brand, tennis icon Boris Becker and ex-international goalkeeper Oliver Kahn. Beckenbauer was modest while receiving his award:

"I'm proud of this award. But for me; Pele, Muhammad Ali and Jack Nicklaus, the greatest sports legends," said Beckenbauer.

International Michael Ballack was also the ceremony and was honored with the "Athletes Heart". Ballack is involved as a special envoy of the UN program, UNAIDS. The 34-year-old from Bundesliga club Bayer Leverkusen is committed to HIV prevention and education. When asked about his recovery status, Ballack replied  "I've only been crutch free for 2 days!"

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Adler: Nothing Learned From Enke Death
November 10 will see the one year anniversary of Enke's death. The former Hannover and Germany keeper threw himself under a train after struggling with depression. (For those who are unfamiliar of this unfortunate event, refer to this post and this post.)

"Nothing has changed but that is the very nature of football," said Adler. "People come to the stadium, pay good money, and want to see commitment and passion but certainly not any weakness. 

"I'm sorry but it is the fault of football: someone may be the Messiah one day and then three days later they are seen as a failure."

The first anniversary of Enke's death will be observed by supporters in Hannover with a march of remembrance.
FB: Real

"Today's been kinky"

Photobucket VS Photobucket

On one side we have the Blanco, on the other we have the Rojiblanco ... who will win?
There's only one way to find out ...


El Derbi madrileño

Real Madrid: Casillas, Ramos, Pepe, Carvalho, Marcelo, Khedira, Alonso, Ronaldo, Özil, Di María & Higuaín.

Atlético Madrid: De Gea, Valera, Ujfalusi, Domínguez, Filipe, Suárez, Tiago, Reyes, Simão, Forlán & Agüero