November 6th, 2010


Sami Khedira Pimp Post 1 of ?

I officially declare this Sami Khedira appreciation week! Isn't he a gorgeous, gorgeous man?
Well-spoken, too.


He needs more love. He needs more fic. His Özil bromance is legendary. So instead of wearing down my thumbs refreshing the kink meme, I am pimping him to you with background info. As a recent fan, it also gives me the opportunity to put my research to good use. Let's start with this interview, in which you will learn a bit about his past. (Thanks to skippytoad for English help, and to e_vision for the pic of Sami's family.)

Translator's note: All pictures added by me. This interview was made in 2008, a good year before Sami was to captain the U-21 team to winning the European Championship. At the time, Sami was still playing for VfB Stuttgart. And no, the ones with short hair are NOT from his time at U-21 ;-P.

Source in German: Stuttgarter Zeitung 20.08.2008
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There was a point I almost lost hope

Much more than just football on his mind: a talk with Sami Khedira

At only 21 years old, he is already considered a possible candidate for leading the VfB Stuttgart team, and Sami Khedira’s qualities aren’t limited to the football field. In our summer interview, he talks about his childhood memories of Tunisia, problems with integration and with a serious injury.
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FB: Sergio Worth It

"Keep your clothes on, ok?"



12:45GMT/13:45CET/08:45EDT Bolton vs Spurs
15:00GMT/16:00CET/11:00EDT Birmingham vs West Ham
15:00GMT/16:00CET/11:00EDT Blackburn vs Wigan Athletic
15:00GMT/16:00CET/11:00EDT Blackpool vs Everton
15:00GMT/16:00CET/11:00EDT Fulham vs Aston Villa
15:00GMT/16:00CET/11:00EDT Manchester United vs Wolves
15:00GMT/16:00CET/11:00EDT Sunderland vs Stoke City


Bologna vs Lecce
19:45GMT/20:45CET15:45EDT Inter Milan vs Brescia

la liga,leagues

19:00GMT/20:00CET /15:45EDT Real Sociedad vs Racing Santander
21:00GMT/22:00CET/17:00EDT Espanyol vs Malaga


Eintracht Frankfurt vs Wolfsburg
14:30GMT/15:30CET/10:30EDT Freiburg vs Mainz
14:30GMT/15:30CET/10:30EDT Hamburger SV vs Hoffenheim
14:30GMT/15:30CET/10:30EDT Monchengladbach vs Bayern Munich
14:30GMT/15:30CET/10:30EDT Nurnberg vs 1. FC Cologne


18:00GMT/19:00CET/14:00EDT Arles-Avignon vs Caen
18:00GMT/19:00CET/14:00EDT Bordeaux vs Valenciennes
18:00GMT/19:00CET/14:00EDT Saint-Etienne vs Lorient
18:00GMT/19:00CET/14:00EDT Sochaux vs Auxerre
20:00 GMT/21:00 CET/16:00EDT Rennes vs Lyon


Note: for all you Americans, don't forget your clocks go back this weekend so remember to factor that in for tomorrow's games, k? Don't say I didn't warn you! 

The Sun lies, again... nothing's new


That was the title that displayed The Sun today, claiming they could reveal that "the Manchester City skipper made three secret visits to a psychiatrist after being allowed back to Argentina to see his family."

"The City hitman, separated from wife Vanesa, is dating Argentine actress Brenda Asnicar, 19, whose career prevents her from joining him in England.

Tevez is so upset about the situation that a close friend insisted: "Carlos is on the brink.

"He's really hurting and has begged his mind guru: 'Tell me why I am feeling like this?'

"He normally eats, sleeps and drinks football but his mind's in another place at the moment. It's tearing him apart being thousands of miles away from his children."

The Sun

Tevez's manager, however, came out to say that none of this was true, and that Carlos was very hurt by all these rumours.

"He obviously misses his daughters, like any father would in the same situation. But inplying there's more than that, that he's suffering some type of problem that needs professional help, is simply a lie."


for the LULZY

Croatia: GoalKeeper Antoni Milina Scores From Kick Out

I know many of you were jokingly advocating an Iker Casillas hat-trick... WELL.  Might not be *that* impossible, after all... if this guy did it once, I can totally imagine Iker doing it three times!!! (preferably while playing in the NT though, LOL)

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