November 1st, 2010

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Five Ambitious Signings to Replace Juan Pablo Angel

It was New York Red Bulls Sporting Director, Erik Soler, who once said, "Nothing gold can stay." Or maybe it was Robert Frost?

...Either way, as the 2010 MLS Cup kicks off, one thing has become apparent: Juan Pablo will not be suiting up for New York next season.

Angel is arguably one of the finest to ever play his trade in MLS, and unarguably the finest to do so for the Red Bulls, being the franchise's all-time top scorer and possible four-time MVP. But at 35 years old, with a nagging back problem, it may sadly be time for him to move on as the Red Bulls look to build towards the future.

It is certainly up for debate if letting Angel leave is the right move for the Red Bulls to make, but here are five ambitious signings the Red Bulls could pursue in the off season to fill their third Designated Player spot.

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Personally, I want the last nominee. I'd be quite pleased to see him come to NY. Who should replace JPA? AND LOOK, I'M NOT MAKING A POST ABOUT LIVERPOOL. I THINK THE WORLD MIGHT STOP ROTATING FOR A SECOND
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When refereeing goes wrong: SFA admit McDonald "lied" about penalty

Stewart Regan, the chief executive of the Scottish Football Association, last night admitted that Dougie McDonald had lied in the initial version of events he gave to the referee observer after the recent league match between Dundee United and Celtic at Tannadice.

McDonald awarded Celtic a penalty for Dusan Pernis’ challenge on Gary Hooper, only to rescind it after a discussion with Steven Craven, his assistant. After the match, which Celtic won 2-1, McDonald said Craven, who subsequently resigned as an official, had called him over and persuaded him to overturn his decision.


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Queen Guinevere in Green 2 [Halloween]

Ranieri defends irate Totti after red card

Ranieri defends irate Totti after red card

ROME — Roma coach Claudio Ranieri once again sprang to the defence of his captain Francesco Totti who could have landed himself in hot water for a furious reaction to being sent-off.

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it's a bird it's a plane NO its n'gog!!!
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hello sweeties

the posts of this community are not moderated. we do this because that would take the fun out of posting -- moderating posts would change the casual nature of this place. and the mods here are lazy, hehehe...

your free flowing contribution of posts is what makes this community fun and interactive. we are quite a successful livejournal community and have grown (and changed) a lot since this summer's world cup. outside of livejournal we're also recognized in the ring of football blogs, whether we have a credible reputation or not :P. would you believe me if i said we averaged over 10,000 unique hits a day? this number has doubled since last year!!!

buttttt sometimes this way of running a community can have its downsides. since there is no filtering on what is published, not all the posts that show up fit the ideal standards of content in this community.

what has been a recent concern has been the overage of posts related to liverpool fc. liverpool is a club that has always been popular in this community. that's cool. so it's natural that there will be more liverpool posts than others, there shouldn't be anything unusual about that. i'm also a fan and i'm just as obsessed with knowing every detail like some of you are, however we think there needs to be more distinction on what is a liverpool post that would appeal to the majority of all our readers, and what should belong in a liverpool community. it might be tricky to distinguish what's ok and what will cause people to start raging on twitter, so here are some guidelines and examples!

what is relevant: picture posts!!!!!!! always. videos! substantial updates on the team. issues that are widely discussed by most football outlets. match reports with lots of pictures and your commentary! and we are an ONTD community so gossip is always welcomed ;)
- stuff about the court cases and ownership takeover
- rafa's recent comments on roy
- lots of pictures recapping a match

what is in the middle: injury updates, interviews
- some injuries are worth reporting, but we don't need to know about every twisted ankle and broken finger nail

what is not relevant: stevie's quotes praising joe cole. whining over xabi alonso. roy's thoughts on a victory against bolton. celebration posts are ok at times but not for every. single. victory. we'd rather you go crazy in a match report. these are topics that the members of liverpoolreds will be happy to discuss :)

but remember that these should be guidelines, not rules!!! we are not your mothers and we are letting you use your own judgement. enforcing strict laws is something we've tried to avoid since the beginning! just please be aware of what is already posted to see if your impulsive post is really all that necessary. and obviously liverpool isn't the only example, so please try to follow these guidelines for all similar cases of content exhaustion. a post will be deleted without notice if a mod doesn't feel it's needed.

i've also noticed that some posts seem to be lacking in effort lately. we LOVE that you love sharing but sometimes simply posting a text entry and citing the source makes this place look like a cheap syndication site of football articles. i would love to see more personalization, opinions and commentary concerning some of the more "serious" topics. people come here for material that is different than what can be found on a regular news site. even if you don't think you have something to say i think there should be more evidence of research, and even the smallest effort of formatting makes a difference!

i hope everyone understands and if you have any concerns/disagreements feel free to message me.

- your occasional mod