October 18th, 2010

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Most Important Positions for Liverpool to Strengthen in January Transfer Window

Well firstly, before any of you quick-witted individuals jump on board - no, I'm not including the manager's position in this list!

Liverpool's plight has been well-documented, from the new owners NESV taking over to the poor performances of the first team to the mounting pressure on boss Roy Hodgson.

Whether or not Hodgson remains in charge of the Reds by the time the January 2011 transfer window rolls around remains to be seen - but what is clear is that significant investment will be required if Liverpool are to have any chance of rescuing their season.

Early on in the campaign though it might be, it is already looking like Liverpool's route to European football next season might have to come by way of an FA Cup victory - something which looks completely unattainable right now given the recent performances against the likes of Blackpool, Utrecht and Everton.

At the beginning of this season Hodgson added Raul Meireles, Joe Cole, Christian Poulsen, Paul Konchesky, Danny Wilson and Paul Jones to Liverpool's squad, plus the re-signing of Fabio Aurelio. The additional signings of Jonjo Shelvey and Milan Jovanovic had already previously been arranged.

But few of those new faces have shone at Anfield so far this season and Liverpool's squad, if anything, looks weaker than it was last season.

So what are the main areas Liverpool need to look at strengthening in January?

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I agree with almost every point made on this list, tbqh. Who would you like to see Liverpool get rid of / acquire in the January transfer window? Personally, these mother fuckers GOTTA go:

A little story about Mascherano

I don't think this has been posted before. It isn't news, but it's a fun watch, I guess. This came out last year, it's about this guy who started showing up in a lot of local TV shows and putting up videos in his website about this investigation about Mascherano he was doing.

All videos have subtitles.

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not sure it's post-worthy

IBRA INTERVIEW: on Milan, Barça, Pep, Mou and Inter.



He shows up more than an hour late – they train at 3pm at Milan AC, and he likes to eat beforehand: gnocchi and tiramisù – and he’s smiling and relaxed. He claps his hands once and sits down. It’s Thursday and Zlatan Ibrahimović (Malm
ö, Sweden; 29 years old) is feeling talkative today. His face only darkens when he talks about Barcelona and Pep Guardiola.

Q: And what did you learn at Barça?

A: People’s opinions. Certain people’s opinions… they change very quickly. But yeah, on the pitch, they play the best football in the world.

On Mou:
No. If he had been over the top, and then hadn’t won anything, then I would have answered your question with a ‘yes’. But he won everything, and he will continue to win. I like the way he works. He’s intense, focused… And because he is so different than everyone else, you guys (the journalists) think he’s ‘over the top’ or ‘out of line’. That’s his style, period. You wouldn’t tell a player not to dribble, or to stop scoring goals! How is he not gonna do that if it’s what he does best? This is his specialty. That’s why he is “The Special One”.
On "growing up" as a player:
When I started out, I was much more individualist than now. It was a necessity, if I wanted to reach a certain level. Then you start growing as a player and as a person, and you begin to understand that the team is much more important than you are, because with a team you can win everything, and it’s easier to do it with them then by yourself. If you work for the team, you can go much further.

Mods: if NO1CURR you can delete this, no problem. I just thought it was interesting cause he talks a bit about everything: Pep, Mou, Inter, Milan...

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Happy mexicans, well, some anyway

A fantastically rare event took place on Saturday in Mexico as Pachuca midfielder Juan Rojas wrote his name into the history books becoming one of the few outfield players to have saved a penalty in a match.

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This is my first post here so apologies for any mistakes and mods, feel free to delete this if you think it should be deleted :P.

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Single supporter for Sandefjord

This story is too good not to be posted.

(AP) The players would like to thank Tor Jørgen Svanberg for the match. He was in fact only Sandefjord supporter who took the trip to Aalesund.

VG TV: Watch the players thank Tor Jørgen for battle!

Svanberg travels usually alone to all of Sandefjords away games, and was curious how many others who had made the trip to the away meeting with Aalesund on Sunday.

The surprise was big when he was suddenly left alone in the away section - along with a policeman and three security guards.

- You never know who shows up, but it was a bit special, yes. Still, it had been worse for the club if no one had been there. I hope it's the last time something like that happens, " Svanberg told VG Nett.

He also experienced the same in Tromso, but the fans did not come from Oslo because of the ash cloud from Iceland.

  Invited to end of the season party

Today  Svanberg was thanked regardless by club director Øystein Ulsnæs.

- You really don't hope that it will happen, that one is standing there alone. At the same time I think it is a touching dedication. Watching the players go over to thank him for the match, moved my feelings at the highest level, "says Ulsnæs to VG Nett.

Now he will contact the keen supporter.

- We will show that this is something we appreciate. When it is so special like this, he is invited to our end of the season party where we will give him some nice words.

Sandefjord had also brought a rare point yesterday, after Alexander Gabrielsen 2-2-equalization just before the end.


Where is my Norwegian League (Tippeligaen) tag? :( And yes, this was in the LEAGUE. TOP LEAGUE. damn.
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mesut özil and a multicultural germany

this article about multiculturism in germany caught my eye-- especially when it mentioned mesut! wish i caught this game.

"When Mesut Ozil, the star of the German side, scored against the land of his parents, he seemed almost embarrassed.

Born and bred in Germany to immigrants from Turkey, he was not going to gloat. He was not going to rub it in to the half of the 70,000 crowd who supported Turkey.

"It was fantastic for me to score in this match", he said afterwards. "But I made the spontaneous decision not to overdo the celebrations."

read the rest: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-11532699. (this is my second attempt at posting so sorry if you've seen this before.)
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Santos Star Neymar Apologises For Contributing To Dorival Junior's Dismissal

 Santos starlet Neymar admitted that he felt guilty for his part in the dismissal of former boss Dorival Junior, and revealed that he wanted to give his ex-mentor "a big hug" by way of apology.

Speaking to Globoesporte, the 18-year-old reflected on his spree of unruly behaviour around a month ago, which culminated in an ugly on-pitch confrontation with Dorival and led to the coach being fired by directors siding with their most valuable asset.

"It weighs very heavily on my conscience that Dorival has gone. For eight months he was practically my father. He cared for me, he gave me the chance to play and he gave me great joy. I liked Dorival a lot," the striker confessed, in the frankest interview to date that he has given on the unsavoury incidents that led many to question his attitude.

Neymar went on to describe the shame it brought him and his family to see such behaviour.

"I was embarrassed (after the Atletico GO game). I was ashamed of coming home and seeing my mother cry, seeing my father cry - it was very tough."

"[My mother] told me that I was not her son, that I was not the boy she had raised. She wanted the real Neymar back, she wanted Juninho back as I am called at home," the player continued.

And closing the interview Neymar had just one answer when asked what he would do if he met Dorival Junior again.

"I would give him a big hug, and that's exactly what I intend to do," the youngster concluded.

I hope he really is changing his attitude. i have high hopes for him and I'd hate to see his attitude get in the way


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Striker Chamakh delighted with Arsenal impact

Marouane Chamakh says he has been surprised by the impact he has made at Arsenal following his free transfer move from Bordeaux in the summer.
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Wenger: ‘Chamakh is a winner and a fighter’

Arsène Wenger heaped praise on his lone striker and his defensive unit after Saturday’s 2-1 win over Birmingham.
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Reason #3242034958 to love Pupi.


Javier Zanetti payed $35 000 for a bass guitar that used to belong to Paul McCartney.

Inter'S Captain, 37, was one of the 500 people that took part in an auction in Buenos Aires, in which 144 objects related to music - originally belonging to Argentinian billionaire Raúl Blisniuk, one of the world's most famous Beatles' collectors - were sold. Zanetti payed three times the instruments's initial price.


What would you buy with $35 000? football related, obvs.

[ And how come Il Capitano doesn't have a tag of his own?? SCANDALOUS. Unless the Inter tag actually refers to him. ]
BM. Holy Robin.

Wayne Rooney targets move to Manchester City

Wayne Rooney is increasingly open to the idea of completing the most rancorous and staggering transfer of modern times by leaving Manchester United for Manchester City.

He has informed United he has no intention of signing a new contract and is ready to contemplate following Carlos Tevez's path across Manchester and the potential minefield and recriminations of swapping one club for the other.

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