October 14th, 2010



Aaron Ramsey has a smile on his face again, according to Arsène Wenger.

The Wales midfielder suffered a double fracture to his right leg at Stoke in February and has spent the past eight months on a gruelling rehabilitation programme. But finally there is light at the end of the tunnel - Ramsey is outdoors working with a ball and was recently earmarked for a late November return by his manager.

Wenger has supported the 19-year-old throughout his recovery and admits that Ramsey has had to overcome mental as well as physical obstacles. But the Frenchman is delighted to report that the highly-rated midfielder has a spring in his step once more.

first gif of him kicking the ball since late February 2010

"He is back running and he is back kicking the ball," Wenger told Arsenal.com.

"You would be amazed if you saw him in training, he has suddenly in the last month made a huge step forward. If I consider now when I look at him, you see his smile again.

"He has changed since six months ago because he has the feeling that the worst is behind him and everyday he is getting closer to what he wants to be, and that means being a football player

Having dealt with the shock of such a traumatic injury and handled the physical strains and stresses of recovering his fitness, Ramsey now faces a different frustration – he must be patient as his manager eases him back into the first-team picture. Wenger insists that is perfectly natural.

"He comes from so far that certainly he had deeper doubts in his mind," he said. "Now he knows that again he will be a football player he wants to hurry up and make it happen as quickly as possible.

"But just for him to have the ball again and to be outside training is a fantastic sensation.


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Steven Gerrard
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Red Card Homophobia round-up


The Red Card Homophobia campaign has started one month and three days ago and we have done so much in that time. We wanted to share with you guys some of what has been happening in the campaign and what we are planning on doing in the future.

    1. We have a site! Right now it is mostly occupied by articles and flyers, but soon we will add links to merchandise and more. Please read and comment on the blog entries. There are some great news and opinion articles written by our amazing members. If you want to write to our blog as well, please send us an mail to redcardhomophobia[at]gmail[dot]com. 
    1. We have reached 1,209 members on facebook, 954 members on tumblr, 785 members on twitter and 608 members on our lj community, rc_homophobia . Yay for us! Please keep spreading the word about this campaign.
    1. You are also welcome to join our forum.
    1. We were mentioned by a few awesome sites and blogs. Here are a few of the mentions:

    After elton

    A Football Report


    Liverpool Offside

    Pink Banana World

    1. We were also mentioned by a few big twitter accounts. Here are a few of the mentions.
    1. There is a skills post in our community to see how people can help and contribute to our cause with their different skills. If you can write, make flyers, play the banjo or whatever you can do, please comment here.
    1. Here is a round-up post of what has been going on lately in our campaign.
    1. Please add the #redcardhomophobia when you tweet about football or whatever. It is not that hard, it does not take too much space but it can really help us and it is really important.
    1. Please help us and donate to this important cause. Every dollar/pound/euro/nis/yen/pesos/sheep counts. If you want to know what we tend to do with the money, you can read about it here.
    Mods, I hope this is OK.
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    OKAY. So now we've got this Dallas Court Hearing to worry about, there's a link HERE, and it seems like THE GUARDIAN will also be updating. i'll try to use both. The KOP source uses military time and guardian is the current time in london, for the record :D

    9.29pm: More from the Dallas courtroom courtesy of the Dallas Observer (via Jean-Yves Mertenat) ...

    Before [Judge] Jordan dismissed the parties till tomorrow morning, first thing, attorney Stephen Fox, repping Hicks and Kop Holdings, told the judge that "our folks are aggressively working out an arrangement with RBS to take care of the debt." Meaning: Hicks and George Gillett would pay the close to $500 million owed and then look for someone other than NESV to buy the team. Jordan said, "I hope those talks continue," but said he needs more time to consider the UK judge's ruling before making a decision concerning yesterday's temporary restraining order. Steve Stodghill, repping Hicks and Gillett, told Unfair Park after the hearing that NESV and the Liverpool board have agreed to hold off on closing till tomorrow morning, around 8 a.m. Dallas time, when Jordan's expected to rule on the TRO. If Jordan lifts the TRO, sale's a done deal. But if Jordan doesn't, says Stodghill, "the ball's in the court of NESV, and they can decide if they want to attempt to close the transaction knowing they're in violation of the TRO. That's a decision they'll have to make."

    9.01pm: Was there in Dallas. J. Jordan made it clear that he wanted "this matter resolved" so parties could close on 15th, says Josh Imhoff on Twitter who says he was at the hearing in Dallas which has been adjouned until tomorrow. 15 October has been the red-letter day for Liverpool's ownership for some time although absolutely no one would have predicted that a Texan courthouse was going to decide the future of the club.

    8.46pm: There seems to be some confusion over what exactly is going on in the court in Dallas (confusion in this story - never). i'm not sure I can help much other than quote the passage below from the Dallas Observer's blog (courtesy of David Holden) ...

    Robert is at the George Allen this very moment, where attorneys representing New England Sports Ventures and Kop Holdings (which is to say, Tom Hicks) are squaring off over who owns Liverpool FC. In light of the UK judge's ruling this morning, which basically tossed yesterday's temporary restraining order, the attorneys (and assorted media) have gathered to see what the judge will decide, since Hicks owes the Royal Bank of Scotland close to $500 million dollars by tomorrow.

    Right now, the judge is leaning toward a 7 a.m. hearing Friday to decide whether or not he will lift yesterday's TRO. Court is scheduled to reconvene shortly. Updates forthcoming.

    Update at 2:20 p.m.: Judge Jim Jordan has ordered all parties back in his courtroom at 7 a.m. tomorrow for an hour-long hearing, at which point he will decide whether or not to lift the TRO.

    20:40 – When asked when a takeover could be completed, Martin Broughton replied:

    “Were still in court in Texas trying to get the temporary restraining order overturned.”

    He then added “probably some time tomorrow” when asked when the injunction could be overturned.

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    Roy Hodgson has revealed that Fernando Torres has won his race to be fit for Sunday's Merseyside derby at Everton.


    Mexico DT Day!!

    Jose Manuel De La Torre vs  Victor Manuel Vucetich

    They both have the middle name, Manuel, haha

    De La Torre has always gotten everything he wanted, but never on a whim or because someone has given him anything, everything has been achieved based on the job because he is a perfectionist, a man disciplined in all areas of life.

    He was born almost 45 years ago in Guadalajara, it was difficult to to spend his life with his uncle, Javier de la Torre, a member of the great champions and his father, Luis, also a footballer, was assigned to a room of balloons Atletico and colors.

    He always saw the job of Technical Director as a continuing career as a player.

     Vucetich is a man of deep look and profile that outlines how low in the Mexican soccer.  From the people's perspective the picture is different but it's role is more,  His wife Yolanda Montes died of heart failure in 2008, "came back from training go home to check that everything is fine, "I'm the person at the front of my home, and yet my children" he says

     For his three children: Diana, Victor Manuel and Stephanie, 25, 24 and 16, Vucetich  is about being a man of  personality that keeps the patient even in the most diffucult moments.

    As a player, the Tamaulipas was forged in the ranks of America at age 15, after leaving the nest in the first division debut in 1976 with Atlante. He played as a right midfielder and sometimes restraint. He then retired at age 27 because of contract problems.

    He then achieved league titles with Leon, Tecos, Pachuca and Rayados.

    He is considered the ideal candidate.

    Almosty forgot, here's the link- 

    amy owl

    this n that

    -don't hotlink!!! just upload your pictures to tinypic/imgur/what have you and post that.

    -cescgate stuff is still banned! unless homeboy signs a new contract or leaves no one wants to hear it!

    -some of you have been going out of your way to be assholes. stop it.

    -seriously, don't hotlink!!!
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    Villa delighted after Chile miners' rescue

    David Villa has expressed his delight after seeing the 33 Chilean miners trapped underground for 69 days all successfully rescued earlier this week.



    I'm so happy all the miners got out safely and I think it's awesome that Villa has kept up with this and supported the rescue like this :)

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    World Cup 2011 Qualifying!

    USA Opens Tournament on Oct. 28 vs. Haiti
    Seven Players Have Previous Women's World Cup Qualifying Experience
    CHICAGO (Oct. 13, 2010) – U.S. Women’s National Team head coach Pia Sundhage has named 20 players to the roster for the 2010 CONCACAF Women’s World Cup Qualifying tournament, being held in Cancún, Mexico, from Oct. 28-Nov. 8.

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