October 12th, 2010


where are my aussies at? gotta love a sassy harry

HARRY Kewell has revealed the Socceroos are "sick and tired" of the criticism being levelled at them by the media and has called for everyone to band together ahead of the Asian Cup finals in Qatar in January.

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watch the interview here

typically, australia is still butthurt over the world cup. i keep seeing a bunch of news headlines saying "cahill/kewell still haunted over world cup red cards". psh, whatever. we need to let go. anyway, i love harry kewell and him telling all the haters to STFD has made my night. let's focus on the asia cup now
tom hardy bb


(The times are from London, obviously)
9.30am: The fate of Liverpool Football Club is set to be decided in room 16 of the high court today, when the Royal Bank of Scotland seeks to force through the sale of the club to John W Henry and his co-owners of the Boston Red Sox.

The club's future is set to turn on Mr Justice Floyd's interpretation of agreements that RBS insists were signed by the owners Tom Hicks and George Gillett.

Floyd, a contract and intellectual property law specialist, will be called on to decide whether Hicks and Gillett broke a contractual agreement with RBS when they attempted to sack the club's commercial director, Ian Ayre, and chief executive, Christian Purslow.

Martin Broughton, the independent director brought in by RBS as part of its refinancing agreement with Hicks and Gillett, believes that RBS had a binding agreement that gave him sole reponsibility over the board and prevented them interfering in the sale process.

The situation was further complicated yesterday the BBC's Robert Peston revealed a rival bid to that of New England Sports Ventures, whose offer was accepted last week. Singapore billionaire Peter Lim matched New England Sports Venture's £300m offer and also agreed to clear the £200m acquisition debt sitting on the club's balance sheet.

The case may come as early as 10.30am in the High Court, but may come much later in the day, depending upon other business.

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5.22pm: My colleague Sachin Nakrani down at the High Court says that there have been supporters outside the High Court chanting and an enormous media scrum. He says courtroom 16 has been packed all day, so busy that many journalists have been lining the walls. There were a few noticeable Liverpool supporters and at one stage the room was so full that some people were standing outside the main door leaning in to listen.

The BBC's Dan Roan tweeted this picture of the scene outside the High Court:



I think it hasn't been posted? liverpool again whoo


Reaction from Singapore football fans on billionaire Peter Lim’s interest in English football giants Liverpool has been swift.

The most common questions: “What’s a Man Utd fan doing trying to buy arch-rivals Liverpool?” and “What can he bring to the table?”

According to AP reports on Tuesday, the 57-year-old Singaporean “remisier king” is set to raise his original bid of  US$476 million (S$623 million)  to buy over ailing club Liverpool, whose prized player assets include Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres. The club are currently languishing in 18th place in the league. 

Lim, who’s known to be a huge football fan, is ranked as the eighth-richest Singaporean with an estimated wealth of S$2 billion by Forbes.

But what rankles many Reds fans is that he is known to be a die-hard fan of English arch-rival club, Manchester United.

Lim has exclusive rights to own and operate a chain of Manchester United-themed restaurants and bars in Asia. Singapore-listed fashion retailer FJ Benjamin , in which Lim is the second-largest shareholder, also previously operated the Manchester United Theatre of Dreams store at Orchard Parade Hotel.

Football fans Yahoo! Singapore spoke to questioned Lim’s motives.

Manager Desmond Tan, 34, who has been supporting the Reds for over 20 years, said,”How can someone with ties to Manchester United want Liverpool to do well? It’s seriously conflicting. If he even wants to be taken seriously, he needs to give up his Man Utd ties first.” 

But what if Lim, who is known to be a shrewd investor, has the resources to turn the debt-saddled Anfield giants around? 

Tan replied, “Will you let your wife sleep with one rich businessman like in the show “Indecent Proposal” just so that you can stay afloat?  I cannot accept it. If the deal goes through, I will still support the Reds, but I will not be supporting anything he does. Why can’t he buy Manchester United instead? Don’t they have debts too?”

Another Liverpool fan, Amir Syarifuddin, 36, said Lim deserved a chance.

“If he is a businessman, then the success of the club will always come first so he will do everything to see the club succeed,” said the engineer, who’s a Reds fan for over 15 years.

Polytechnic lecturer, Edwin Lim, who’s a die-hard Red Devil, offered a different perspective.

“It just goes to show Peter Lim is a football fan first and foremost, and then an EPL fan. I hope Liverpool fans can finally stop saying that we Man Utd fans do not care about Liverpool at all. We know that if Liverpool didn’t exist, we wouldn’t have gotten to where we are today,” he said.

Another football fan, Gabriel Wong, 25, who doesn’t support either Liverpool or Man United, said, “From a neutral standpoint, the bid by Peter Lim may seem more attractive because, at least, he’s willing to fork out his own cash and stake his personal fortune in the club. For all you know, accepting the US bid might lead to a similar situation with George Gillett and Tom Hicks later on.”  

The buyout talks involving Liverpool is rapidly turning into a complex tug-of-war with several parties involved.

Lim was reportedly told by text message last week that Liverpool chairman Martin Broughton had rejected his offer in favour of one from New England Sports Ventures (NESV), which is funded by American billionaire John Henry and which also owns US Major League Baseball side, the Boston Red Sox.

The Red Sox ownership group has now signed a binding agreement, but current club co-owners Tom Hicks and George Gillett Jr. are trying to block the sale because they say it undervalues the club.

The Royal Bank of Scotland, which holds the bulk of Liverpool’s US$453 million debt, has since obtained an interim injunction preventing the co-owners from firing board members for accepting the sale.

Soccernet also reports that NESV has no intention to let Lim muscle his way into deal even with a new improved offer.

The son of a fishmonger, Lim made his fortune as a stock broker and became a private investor in 1996. He keeps a relatively low profile and is media-shy but his key stock holdings include stakes in Wilmar International, the world’s largest palm oil firm, and regional education provider Informatics, which he turned around after the firm had fallen on hard times.

Earlier this month, he invested about US$100 million in Global Logistic Properties, a giant provider of warehouse facilities in China and Japan that is majority owned by Singapore sovereign wealth fund GIC.

People who know Lim said his interest in Liverpool stemmed from his love of soccer, and he recently donated S$10 million ($7.65 million) to the Singapore Olympics Foundation for scholarships for promising young athletes from poor families.

Personally I'm happy cos I'm from Singapore! though I admit I've never heard of him before O.O but he seems like a nice guy? idk I think NESV will still be a better owner.

source: http://sg.yfittopostblog.com/2010/10/12/whats-a-man-u-fan-doing-trying-to-buy-liverpool/

Mexico Club News(Ugh)

                                                                                    CLUB AMERICA!!
Club America celebrated 94 years!!

In the stadium their were screens of the Last Finals, which America was victorious and won

the championship with goals from Cuauhtemoc Blanco. Music was present at the stadium..

America celebrated 94 years of life, full of memorable moments and known as one of

the best Mexican soccer teams. 

About 600 fans gathered at the Santa Ursula

American Players signed autographs for those who were present

Hats, balls, shirts and banners were dazzled with the signature of the idols of millions of fans

around the country azul-cremas!!
Chivas is still the best!!
Hail one of the best Mexican Goalies!!
                                       Tea amo Ochoa!!
                                                  (Please, I'm blushing..)

                   Hottie, (I think I forgot how to breath, HELP!)


                              Sorry if you can not read spanish!

Who's ready for Mexico vs Venezuela!!!
Yeah!! Chicharito’s gonna start I Heard!! <3
It’s gonna start in a while!!


 Mexico's possible lineup- Ochoa, Estrada, Moreno, Rodriguez, Salcido, Marquez, Guardado, Barrera, Dos Santos, Orozco, Hernandez.


IT'S STARTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mexicanos, al grito de guerra
El acero aprestad y el bridón;
y retiemble en sus centros la tierra

Aww, The Mexico National Anthem!!!


Venezuelan  player dived got Salcido a yellow card!!!! AAAAAAAAA!!!!

VEnezuela scored!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOO!!!

MExico's got it!!!! BUT,, No...
Mexico.....no, the ball got stolen
Stop Diving Venezuela!!
Chicharito!!! NOO, so close!!!Calm Down RAFA!!!
Yes, Venezuela didn't score phew!!
Mex. Player down!! Chicharito getting mad!!
Dirty Tackle!!! I HATE YOU!!! nooo!!
VEN. Substitution
They almost had it!!
Rafa, man this dude needs to chill
Nice shot by Gio, but hit VEN. Player!!
Goal!!! MEXICO!!!
Que Golazo Chicharito!!!1
NOO! VEnezuela scored..
NOO!!! Mexico's losing 2-1 at the first half!!!!!!
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EURO 2012 Qualification

17:00 CET
Group A Azerbaijan vs Turkey
Group B Armenia vs Andorra
Group C Faroe Islands vs Northern Ireland

17:30 CET
Group E Finland vs Hungary

19:00 CET
Group A Kazakhstan vs Germany
Group F Latvia vs Georgia

19:30 CET
Group D Belarus vs Albania

20:00 CET
Group I Liechtenstein vs Czech Republic

20:15 CET
Group H Denmark vs Cyprus

20:30 CET
Group B Macedonia vs Russia
Group B Slovakia vs Ireland
Group C Estonia vs Slovenia
Group E Holland vs Sweden
Group E San Marino vs Moldova
Group G Switzerland vs Wales

20:45 CET
Group A Belgium vs Austria
Group F Greece vs Israel

20:50 CET
Group C Italy vs Serbia

21:00 CET
Group D France vs Luxembourg
Group G England vs Montenegro
Group I Scotland vs Spain

21:45 CET
Group H Iceland vs Portugal

20:15 CET Norway vs Poland


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tessa + scott

expect xabi to appear in marie claire next

In the meantime YAY ANOTHER XABI INTERVIEW. He's in the fall issue of well-known gay fashion/style magazine Shangay. You can read the text of the article at ela_san 's original post in furia_roja. Imma leave this translation up until a better one comes along.


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Xabi Alonso: Life and Times of a Gentleman

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Gerard Pique: You can be Catalan and Spanish perfectly + ~sergio/catalangate.


On gossip and rumors:
“I don’t watch these programs, or read magazines. Why? It’s inevitable and uncontrollable. To have won the World Cup has led us to be the focus of attention of such media. My thing is football and nothing will distract me from it. I just disconnect, and that’s it.”

On the success: “I have not changed. It’s true that since I returned to Barcelona its been a good phase. I’ve won titles with both the club and with the selection, but I’m still the same. People around me continues to remain the same. I’m very happy, it’s good when we win itles. Football gives you life or at least the meaning of life. I’m very happy, again. You can be listless, depressed but when you enter a field the desire enters you. You see the ball and forget everything.”

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and I shall end with the best picture EVER (excuse the english):

Steven Gerrard: “We all believe in Torres, he´s our top man”

In an exclusive interview with Liverpool FC’s official club magazine ‘LFC Weekly’, Steven Gerrard insisted on the importance of Fernando Torres to the Reds. The captain believes that ‘the best centre-forward in the world’ has received some unfair criticism in some sections of the media.

Gerrard himself has suffered with injuries and knows just how hard it is to regain full fitness. The striker however is confident that the Spain forward will return as strong as ever. “It's all completely over the top. It's easy to watch a football match and, if the centre-forward doesn't score or pull a rabbit out of a hat, say his body language isn't right. If a player's form isn't there or he's fighting for full fitness after injuries it's normal that their body language isn't perfect. I'm the same. If I'm not playing at the levels I know I can, or if I'm struggling with an injury, people say the same things about me.”

"You only have to look at Fernando's record since he walked through the door to know how good he is. He's had a bad time with injuries of late. He wasn't 100 per cent going into the World Cup and he had a lot of criticism over the summer. But he'll bounce back.”

"The only time a centre-forward's body language is 100 per cent right is when they're scoring in every game, that's the way they are. That's why players like that are the best in the world, because if they come off the pitch without scoring or producing a nine out of ten or ten out of ten performance they're not happy. That's what helps to make them so good.”

The Liverpool first team squad are fully behind the striker as he faces a race against time to be fit for the short trip to Goodison Park for next Sunday’s Merseyside derby. "We all believe in him, he's our top man. He's a top player and he's our goal-scorer. We all need to get behind Fernando and help him to get back to the form he showed in his first season here. On that form he's the best centre-forward in the world."