October 10th, 2010

Take that MTV

Found this really random but awesome video of a dutch channel / host at Arjen Robben's home.
Little Lynn and Luka are really cute and Bernadien looks very pretty as awlays.

Enjoy this random cuteness. :)

By the way, can anyone translate what they are saying? Would be awesome for us non-dutch speakers.

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Xabi in El Pais

El Pais published a looooooong interview with Xabi today. Some human-translated, Liverpool centric excerpts, courtesy of laliga_news on Twitter:

The time spent I in Liverpool marked me. Beyond football, beyond the memorable CL victory in 2005.
Anfield is the temple of football. For me it is the most wonderful stadium in the world.
Liverpool it's what it is thanks to its people, they suffered greatly during the Thatcher years & are used to fighting for what they believe in. Their spirit is contagious.
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Perusing Crouchie-related articles online, and I found this interesting one from The Express which pretty much sums up my feelings/frustrations about him not playing enough for the joke that is our  national team.

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On a marginally less whiny note, bung yourself for this if you ain't done so already and want to participate =))))