October 9th, 2010

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German/Dutch GQ-ness

The new issue of the German GQ features Holger Badstuber, Mark van Bommel, Toni Kroos, Philipp Lahm, Thomas Müller and Bastian Schweinsteiger. They did a shoot for BOSS BLACK and BOSS SELECTION.

On their website is an interview interview with Uli Hoeneß and one with Mark van Bommel, Philipp Lahm and Bastian Schweinsteiger.
A short video is included on the first page. Seems there will be a longer version available on FCB.TV.
The interview with the players starts on page 6.

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Uh oh...

Why Javier Hernandez Is More Valuable Than Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney has done very little to get so far. His stature as world footballing icon is assumed, but unearned. His actual skill with the leather has never been of the highest tier. It's time for the facade to end. That is one bold statement...

Luckily for Manchester United fans, Javier Hernandez is the white knight. At 22, he's faster, hungrier, and a bachelor that is not prone to marriage scandals. And those are only three reasons why, despite being less "experienced," and having less and less-prestigious winner's medals, Javier Hernandez is already better than Wayne Rooney, and more important to United.

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I love both of them but I think this article has a few valid points, but it's also extremely extremely harsh and untruthful in other ways. Still, it's an interesting article, despite its flaws and all... thoughts? Is there any validity to it? Should we even be thinking of this?
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Time for Capello to Make Steven Gerrard His Long Term Captain

The significance of the position of England captain, like most things to do with the national team, fluctuates wildly according to the level of success enjoyed on the pitch.

Whenever England offer the faintest glimmer of hope, the skipper is seen as a hero in waiting and measured against a Boy's Own view of Bobby Moore to see whether he matches up to the country's expectations of what a real leader of men looks like.

Then, when hope quickly and inevitably fades, the armband becomes an irrelevance in the search for answers to explain another flop.

So it was this year when Fabio Capello's decision to strip John Terry of the captaincy and the appointment of the Chelsea defender's successor assumed huge importance four months ahead of the World Cup before the disastrous performance in South Africa gave us all something more substantial to think about.

Post-Bloemfontein, the concern has been whether Capello is capable of embracing new players and new tactics, and whether there is enough strength in depth in the Premier League for England to ever be a major force in world football.

The status of the captaincy therefore has been a side issue, not least because Rio Ferdinand's continuing absence through injury has allowed to Steven Gerrard to continue in the role unchallenged.

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I agree one hundred percent with this article. I think Gerrard is the best option for captain of the England squad. Putting Rio Ferdinand back as captain would not be in the best interest of the team, IMO. Gerrard's done a great job (I'm not saying that because I love Gerrard as both a player and a person) with what has gone on in recent months for the England squad, why take him out of it?
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Charlie Davies caught driving 125 mph.....but he was covering for a teammate!

American forward Charlie Davies says he was not the driver of a car stopped going 125 mph last weekend, but told French police he was protecting a teammate.

Davies, who nearly died in a car crash last year, told The Associated Press Saturday that Jacques Faty, a teammate at French club Sochaux, asked him to switch places and tell police he was driving because Faty thought his license was still suspended from a previous speeding infraction. Faty said he thought police would only fine Davies, but Faty feared he would be jailed.

"That's not possible for me to go 120 mph on the road after an accident and think everything will be fine," Davies said. "If a kid survives such a serious accident and then almost exactly a year later is driving at a reckless speed, it's like, 'This can't be serious.' ... If someone has a second chance like I do, to take advantage of something like that, it's not something I could do. I learned too much from the whole experience to let something like that happen."

Faty told the AP he plans to go to the police this week and clear up the incident.

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So I'm hoping this is allowed but I need the assistance of this fine community.

I am trying to watch Red Bulls Games in general and have come up against a wall.

I have been so far able to watch them on Telefutura and while I do not speak or understand spanish, it is better than nothing.

However next week's game is offered on two channels I don't get and all the radio broadcasting info I can find are for spanish language stations. Does nayone out there have any solutions for me? I would greatly appreciate it!

Argentine Apertura, Mexican Primera, MLS, Euro 2012 and Int'l Friendly Match Post

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Argentine Torneo Apertura
Huracan v All Boys
Lanus v San Lorenzo 15:20 EST
Argentinos Juniors v Godoy Cruz de Mendoza 17:30 EST
Newell's Old Boys v Quilmes 19:30 EST

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Mexican Primera Division
Chiapas v Atlante 18:00 EST
Queretero v Guadalajara 18:00 EST
Pachuca v UNAM 20:00 EST
U.A.N.I. v U.A. de G. 20:00 EST
Atlas v San Luis 21:45 EST

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Major League Soccer (USA)
New York Red Bulls v Real Salt Lake 16:00 EST
FC Dallas v Colorado 18:00 EST
DC United v San Jose 19:30 EST
Kansas City v Seattle Sounders 20:30 EST
Chivas USA v Toronto 22:30 EST



Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

France v Romania 15:00 EST
Israel v Croatia 15:05 EST


International Friendly 

 Image Hosted by ImageShack.us VS Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

United States v Poland 20:00 EST

Villa won't celebrate if he scores against Valencia

Villa will not celebrate if he scores as mark of respect to old club

David Villa still holds Valencia close to his heart, so much so he has promised not to celebrate if he scores against them when they face Barcelona.

"I will try to score. I'm professional and I'm defending Barca colours but it's the same as against Sporting," he told fcbarcelona.cat.

"I have a great deal of affection for Valencia and in respect to all the people there and for all those who have made me better, I will not celebrate.

"It's very special for me because that's the team where I've been very happy for the last five years."

He added: "It brings back very good memories. I'm happy facing them, especially being able to see all the friends I have there and to be able to enjoy their company, even if it's just one day.

"My first steps were at Sporting (Gijon), then I played at Zaragoza but the club that have given me everything football-wise has been Valencia."

"In those five years I've been able to play for the national team, play in the Champions League and I've been able to fight for many titles.

"I've won one and there's no doubt that those five years have been the most important of my life. Thanks to them I'm at Barca."

I popped my _fb posting cherry on this, so please be kind.
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Pique's Watches

Apparently the heavily photoshopped ads are out for Pique's arms, I mean the watches he was pimping here. Teh Gays found them first, as you'd expect.

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[Lemme know if these have already been posted, and I'll deleted with all speed. Didn't see them in the madness that is the Pique tag.]
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Mini picspam: USA v. POLAND

Okay. First post here and I bring you tidings and crappy camera pictures. And since I'm totally biased for the US team, it's going to be mostly US. Also I'm not familiar with the Polish NT so fans please help me fill in the blanks if you were at the game.

NOTE:I'm uploading a few more images as we speak so yeah. :x Though they're probably not so great either Done! Since I think most of the images got repetitive and/or were super blurry I think that's it.

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