October 4th, 2010

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Nigel de Jong dropped by Netherlands after tackle

THE HAGUE, Netherlands (AP)—Netherlands coach Bert van Marwijk has dropped Nigel de Jong from his squad after the Manchester City midfielder was involved in a tackle that left Newcastle winger Hatem Ben Arfa with a broken left leg.

Van Marwijk said Monday he saw “no alternative” but to drop De Jong from his squad to play Moldova and Sweden in two European Championship qualifiers.

The France international was injured in a robust tackle by De Jong in the third minute of Sunday’s match, which City won 2-1.

Newcastle said x-rays confirmed Ben Arfa had suffered a broken tibia and fibula of his left leg and would undergo surgery Monday morning.


If you haven't seen the latest De JongTM Kung Fu move, look no further:

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Capello names England squad to face Montenegro.

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Whilst we're talking about Englishmen, here is praise for some of the England dudes, Adam Johnson and Crouchie (well, I would) for their performances this weekend , as well as criticism of Karl Henry for his horror lunge on Saturday and the fair play rankings so far

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So anyway. I'm putting this out there -- which was worse; De Jong's double-leg breaker, or Karl Henry's lunge?
(er. poll function failing for me. fail.) I don't wanna hear from anyone "he's just not that type of player"!!! :-p

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Van Gaal punishes Bayern Munich's squad and leaves them without Oktoberfest

BERLIN -- Bayern Munich coach Louis van Gaal has cancelled the traditional visit of his players to Oktoberfest in face of the bad streak the team has gotten into, that after losing again on Sunday dropped to the 12th spot in the league.

The visit, previuosly scheduled for Monday, has been replaced by practice.

Bayern lost last Sunday against Borussia Dortmund for 2-0, what places the poweful club in a hard position, 13 points under the leader, Mainz 05.

Van Gaal complained that Miroslav Klose only scores when he's playing for the National Team, so this Sunday he decided to leave him on the bench and put Mario Gómez in his place, who also failed to score.

The president of Bayern Munich, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, admitted without hesitating that his club is "stuck in the shit" after Sunday's loss.

"We're stuck in the shit. We need to get out of this shit," Rummenigge stated, and then added that a club like his "can't allow itself" to be in the situation it is now, so far away from the first positions.


So Mesut Özil is a fashion baby

This is my first post here. I really wanted to show you guys this.
This is Mesut Özil on 4th October edition of German magazine Focus.

Could he be more fashionable? This man could easily be a model. He flirts with the camera.

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Your daily dose of hotness aka an Arsenal post!

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Pires returns to Arsenal for training.

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Article courtesy of ontd_fb's newest bff, honorary LPG and the biggest manslore in the UK, YoungGunsBlog

Liverpool FC the rainforest. Hicks and Gillett = deforestation.


We have arguably the biggest forest in the world with unlimited historical trees and new and exciting untouchable trees plus people in the trees that can't be cut down. However there is a lot of deforestation taking place at the moment and the leaves on our trees are being poisoned. We have a certain tree that has spent it's entire time in the same forest who is improving on last year and can at any point snap chainsaws. We have a tree that has no leaves but 2 gloves who never lets us down. Our number 9 tree is made out of solid diamond so people need to stop fucking calling him shit. People did the same with our old gardener and look what happened there. The Babel tree leaks more sap than skill on the field at the moment but in our forest it can still become great. The Lucas tree has been replaced by an old maggot filled log and given the chance could grow many branches. We have great trees but they're enhaling acid smoke and have been under constant attack since the day the lumberjacks arrived.

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Download this picture and stick it up near your house. If anyone says that's vandalism call them a manc and carry on. http://www.spiritofshankly.com/documents/not_anywhere_colour_a4.pdf

Sucks To Be You

Coca-Cola has scrapped plans to feature Wayne Rooney’s face on the side of millions of cans after its bosses in America branded him ‘disgusting’ for allegedly sleeping with prostitutes while his wife was pregnant.


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